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  1. 1. Tips for Choosing the Perfect Television Frames for Your Interior DesignSchemeWhat better way to mount your new flat screen television than with a purpose built frame?Specialist television frames are an attractive way to finish your TV installation and make it blendharmoniously with the rest of your design scheme.If you are considering the benefits of television frames then here are some useful tips to help youmake the right choices for your budget and requirements.Frames for Interior Design StylesSpecialist suppliers of television frames will be able to offer a great range of styles and designs. Thiswill help you to pick the perfect television frames for your own tastes and interior design schemes.Here are just some ideas to get you started. Ultra-Modern Homes if you have a very modern contemporary style home then you willwant television frames that can complement and enhance your rooms. You can buy a range ofexcellent leather and fabric finishes. These are available in a stunning selection of colours andhand finished to a high quality. Leather and fabric television frames create a softer finish thatcan help to blend media equipment seamlessly with modern minimalist homes. Romantic Style if you love the decadence and luxury of the Romantic style then you can findsome stunning ornate television frames. These lavish frames can be made from rich dark woodsor gilded with 24k gold for a heavenly focal point to your rooms. Period Styles fitting modern television equipment into period style homes can often feel likean impossible task. You can have the best of both worlds though with television frames. Classicdesigns are available such as the Regency or the Barbican styles. These can complement periodhomes and help to integrate televisions into the overall dcor. Bespoke Rooms if you have a unique design scheme in your home you may find it difficult toget the perfect television frames. It is a good idea to opt for one of the bespoke servicesavailable. You will be able to talk over your design needs with specialist frame makers. They willthen be able to create television frames that match your design ideals and fit flawlessly intoyour home. TV Mirrors another great way to finish off your television frames is to opt for mirroredeffects. These are created using a special type of glass. When this is combined with the beamtechnology it can create a mirrored surface. This means you can use your television like a mirrorfeature in your room when it is not in use. Art Work use your HD television to display amazing artwork and images in your room. Thesewill be set off perfectly by your frame and makes the most of your television. You will be able to
  2. 2. stream wonderful static images when you are not watching television. This could include yourown artwork and photographs or images from the great masters.Author BioThere are so many different television frames available you will be spoilt for choice. You will be ableto find the perfect style and design to match your own individual interior design scheme.