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1. Tips for Choosing the PerfectArea Rug 2. Area rugs make the ideal accent to just about any room in your house. If you have no interest in the work or expense involved with installing wall-to-wall carpet, or want to enhance your existing wall-to-wall carpet, an area rug will add warmth, color and comfort. Of course, choosing the perfect area rug involves several different factors, and its important to follow them closely if you want your rug to have the desired effect. 3. Materials One of the decisions youll have to make before you buy an area rug is what kind of material you want. Here are some of the available area rug materials: 4. Nylon nylon is soft and resistant to stains, which makes it ideal for high traffic areas inthe house. Acrylic acrylic rugs have a similar look and feel to wool, but dont cost nearly as much.They keep their color well, and are good for medium-traffic areas. Cowhide a cowhide area rug works well for high traffic rooms and rooms where kidslike to play. They are stain resistant and have a natural look. Cotton cotton rugs are known for durability and are usually available in a wideassortment of colors. They are known for comfort and warmth. Viscose viscose tends to look like silk, as it is very shiny and smooth.Pure viscose rugsarent great for high traffic, but adding another fiber will enhance the durability. Polyester polyester area rugs wont stain, fade or wrinkle and spring back into shapeeasily. They work well for any room or traffic volume. Wool wool area rugs will work well with just about any dcor or in any room, to createan upscale kind of look. Wool is stain resistant and very durable. 5. Basic Tips When choosing an area rug, its wise to keep some basic tips in mind as you start the search. For the size of your rug, make sure to measure the room ahead of time, and mark down the configuration of the furniture. All of the furniture within any room should sit on the area rug. Here are some more basic area rug tips to keep in mind: Never lay an area rug down without using the correct type of rug pad underneath. The type of floor will determine which pad to use. Rotate your area rug annually if the floor type underneath is prone to fading. Use caution when vacuuming if you purchase an area rug with fringe around the outside. Consider the type of traffic in the room, and how the edges and corners of the rug may affect people, when making your choice. 6. Dining Room Tips When choosing an area rug for your dining room, make sure that the edge of the rug extends at least two-feet beyond the edge of the table, all the way around. This way, all of the chairs will remain on the rug at all times. If you have leaves as part of your dining room table and you use them often, make sure you purchase a rug that it is large to accommodate the table with the leaves in. 7. Living Room Tips For your living room, you may want an area rug to sit just under the coffee table, or as the main rug in the whole room. If its for the coffee table, a 6x9 or 4x6 rug will usually suffice. Just be sure that the entire table sits comfortably on the rug. If you want to use it in the whole room to create a warmer feel or reduce the noise, follow the basic rule of keeping all the furniture on the rug. Its ok if the back feet of your couch dont fit on top of the rug. 8. Bedroom Tips If you have hardwood or some other cold surface in your bedroomand you want the rug for warmth and comfort, make sure it extendsfar enough away from the bed so you land on it each morning. It willcompletely defeat the purpose if you have to step down onto a coldfloor in the morning. Make sure you nightstands rest completely onthe rug, so they remain level. If using one big rug isnt an option, you can also place a few smallerrugs throughout the room. Set them down in seating areas and atthe foot of the bed for a nice effect. 9. Hallway Tips In places such as hallways, there are more tips to follow. Try to cover as much of the hallway as possible, but dont let the rug sneak into one of the rooms. This is a good place to use a colorful pattern to help hide any dirt or wear from heavy traffic.