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<ul><li><p> Car Maintenance Tips </p><p>Cars are generally counted among the most prized possessions for people of all age groups and walks of life. </p><p>Whatever be the purpose of the vehicle - to add glamour to your life, to up the status quotient, functional </p><p>purpose for family outing, etc. every car buyers dream is that his car remains scratch free! But unfortunately, it </p><p>is an inevitable affair. Be it some small collision or a brush with the parking lot wall, you car braves many such </p><p>abuses that is making you look for collision repair services. Collision repair happens to be one of the most </p><p>sorted after and looked for services for car owners all over the world. </p><p>The following are some maintenance tips for your car all round the year, irrespective of the usage and handling. </p><p>Follow them to retain or up your car value. This will aid in its functionality and also for resale if you are </p><p>looking for that option. </p><p>Keep it Clean </p><p>Nothing beats this factor! The exteriors of a car can really mean a lot to the ones who are watching it glide past </p><p>them or standing next to it on a signal. A car buyer, a driver, passenger, or anybody who hops on to that car, like </p><p>it clean inside. Heres how to maintain proper cleanliness. </p><p> Mats - Mats in a car are meant to trap dirt from your shoes and undoubtedly it is a spot that houses maximum grime as far as the interiors are concerned. Get those mats out every week, turn it upside and </p><p>beat it to get the trapped dirt out. Consider washing it when you feel necessary but also remember to dry </p><p>it out properly so that it doesnt breed bacteria or let mould grow. </p><p> Upholstery - Your car seats are used as often as you take it out of the parking lot. Constant rubbing, pressure, sweat can affect the life span of the upholstery and take away its sheen. Washing the car </p><p>upholstery or to sound more correct technically, shampooing requires lot of effort to perform it as neatly </p><p>as possible. Well, this might be little taxing but goes a long way to maintain your car interiors. </p><p>Remove Scratches </p><p>Scratches are those potential damaging factors for a car that can make it look older and shabbier irrespective of </p><p>how hard you try to scrub it clean each morning. While some scratches need professional fixing, some can be </p><p>treated at home with simple techniques and efforts. Washing the surface clean off dirt and grime, scrubbing </p><p>with soft cotton cloth and waxing for instance can take care of light scratches the thorny bushes gave your car. </p><p>For bigger scratches or dents after a collision your car needs its due of beauty treatment - take her to a reputed </p><p>garage and get her treated for the same. </p><p></p></li><li><p>Regular Servicing </p><p>Give its due maintenance every quarter of a year if you are a normal user and drive the car on normal roads. For </p><p>heavy users who drive their cars on rough roads you might need to do the garage rounds more often, may be </p><p>once a month. Consult the professionals for accurate maintenance tips for your car make and usage. </p></li></ul>