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    Tips & Advice on How to Maintain Your Car

    Top 5 Tips for Vehicle Maintenance

    A good car can run for decades without any major complaints. However, it is only possible if you are not

    careless in maintaining your car regularly. There is no specifically defined time to perform the

    preservation on your vehicle. In fact, you are advised to carry a maintenance check as frequently as


    Service your car more often

    The first and the most basic tip of all is to keep your car clean. Most of the times it is the dirt causing

    issues to your car, as it resides in unreachable and undetectable places. Take your ride to the service

    station more often and make sure to clean it. This would not only sustain the performance of your

    vehicle, but also make it look as good as new.

    Check the oil and fluid levels

    Most of the problems occurred in a car are often a result of overheating. Apart from high surrounding

    temperature and heavy load, the overheating is caused due to the dirty engine oil. To organize your

    vehicle for long trips and hot days, check the engine oil after short intervals. If its color gets dark, it is

    time to change the engine oil and air filter. Moreover, the performance of different engine components

    depends upon their respective fluid levels. Make sure that the fluids of power steering, transmission,

    brake, differential and coolant are to the suggested level.


    Inspect your tyres

    Though tyres are rough and tough part of a vehicle, they still need maintenance and upkeep. Maintain

    the correct tyre pressure, set the wheel alignment and replace the valves each time you fit the wheel.

    Tyres that are not able to bear the pressure, they transfer it to the engine and other parts of vehicle

    making them weaker.

    Visit the mechanic regularly

    Even though you can carry small maintenance checks on your own, it is still necessary to drive it to a

    mechanical expert. They can identify those issues that are not usually detectable by you. Most

    importantly, you should stick to one mechanic. Authorized car dealer service centers are always


    Drive with more care

    The condition of your car is greatly influened y your on driing ehaior. You ont need to isit the workshop quite often, if you are fond of driving carefully. If you are gentle with the acceleration pedal,

    brake, clutch, gear stick and steering wheel, the performance of your car will be more promising,



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