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  • 1. Timeless Hemingway : A dying hero who never get defeated Focus on his lifetime From 1950s ~ 1961
  • 2. Outline
    • 1.1 The Career and the Suicide
    • 1.2 Writing style: The Iceberg Principle and symbolism
  • 3.
    • I am like a blind pig when I work i n the bush
    • "A Moveable Feast"
  • 4. Major works published after 1950s
    • Across the River and into the Trees, 1950.
    • The Old Man and the Sea, 1952.
    • A Moveable Feast, 1964.
    • Islands in the Stream . 1970.
    • The Dangerous Summer, 1985.
    • The Garden of Eden, 1986.
    • True at First Light, 1999.
    • Under Kilimanjaro, 2005.
  • 5. I wished I had died before I ever loved anyone but her
    • Altogether had 4 wives
    • Abortions
  • 6. The wrenching love story between Hadley and Hemingway is one of the most poignant in American literary history. Aspects of Hemingway's perspective on it are told in his beautiful memoir, "A Moveable Feast,"
  • 7. ...... 238
  • 8. Sloppy Joe Bar Martha Gellhorn 1908-1998
  • 9. Mary Welsh Hemingway 1908-1986
  • 10. Why did Hemingway choose to commit suicide despite:
    • 1.He is always a tough guy and hes got almost everything
    • 2.He said its a cowards behavior to do so when his father killed himself in 1928
    • 3.He believes in christianity in which suicide is thought to be a crime
    • 4.He considered suicide a stupid choice after his painful struggle between two women in 1925
    He is losing the ability to write.
  • 11.
    • Popular novelist Elmore Leonard has said:
    • "I learned by imitating Hemingway.... until I realized that I didn't share his attitude about life. I didn't take myself or anything as seriously as he did."
  • 12. How accident prone was Hemingway?
    • concussion of the brain
    • ruptured liver
    • crushed vertebra
    • temporary hearing and vision loss
    • first-degree burns from two planes crashes in 1954 .
    • Hemingway suffered through an enormous amount of accidents and ailments in his lifetime.
  • 13. Suffered from depression
    • Sent to the Mayo Clinic in 1960
    • received a series of electroshock
    • treatments, which some felt did more harm than good.
  • 14. Writing style: Iceberg Principle
  • 15. I always try to write on the principal of the iceberg. There is seven-eights of it under water for every part that shows. Anything you know you can eliminate and it only strengthens your iceberg. It is the part that doesn't show. Ernest Hemingway, 1958 , 1958
  • 16. Symbolism
    • Hemingway disliked discussions regarding the symbolism in his works.
    • Fraser Drew once quoted him as saying:
    • "No good writer ever prepared his symbols ahead of time and wrote his book about them, but out of a good book which is true to life symbols may arise and be profitably explored if not over-emphasized."
  • 17. Brief Summary
    • In his early age recognized as a spokesman forthe lost generation
    • In the 1930's and 40s published two war-related masterpieces which set up his position in literary field.
    • Toward the end of his life he was honored with the Pulitzer Prize and Nobel Prize in literature. He inherited and developed Mark Twains style, on which eventually became his own literary style
  • 18. Gun Fortress was born in 1897 he was driving Hemingway's boat "Peiler number" when Hemingway lived in Cuba he cooked and made Ernest Hemingway's favorite cocktail establish a deep friendship with hemingway
  • 19. Timeless If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast. Hemingway, 1950 , 1950