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  • 1. Comparison of MGMT time to pretend andLinkin park- numb

2. MGMT Time to Pretend
The song is consistently talking about drugs and the lifestyle of rock stars due to the lyrics where cocaine and heroine are mentioned. These lyrics are amplified due to the video relating to religious aspects such as taking drugs in the same way as Holy communion- perhaps conveying drugs as a symbol of God and something precious to be treasured. Also the effect of drugs are, Well choke on out vomit signifying the end output of the rock star lifestyle.
3. 4. The song also helps show the cultural transition from a child to an adult. It expresses the realities of adulthood and the lyrics suggest that still acting as a child- (which links to the title) is the best way to stay happy. This is reinforced with, Ill miss the playgrounds and digging up worms and Ill miss the comfort of my mother and the weight of the world Consequently, expressing to the audience the bands point of view as they miss the things they may have taken for granted as children
5. Time to pretend is a mixture of narrative based and concept based to help the viewer relate the reality of Rock stars to, live fast and die young to perhaps show that life many not be so great. So the only thing to do is to pretend which is enforced by the title, Time to Pretend The record company was looking to sell this track by using different visuals and motifs in the music video to attract the society at the time due to its originality.
6. In our opinion the song portrays the stereo-typical view of success in society in the modern century. However the true successes in life are simple things such as family, food, water, and friends.
Therefore, we believe it shows that living an superstar life is just an illusion so the last verse We were fated to pretend finalises our view.
There are intertextual references included in the song which can relate to other music videos such as Nickelback, Rockstar which adversely promotes a rock star lifestyle. So the references are used to contrast traditional views in society.
7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epxnn_9ZYlk
8. We see a lot of religious connotative values as we see the main character (women) trying to be like Mary. To Walk In Your Shoes, this also is enforced by the band playing music in the Church. The quote also empathises the life that her mother wants her daughter to have. This is reflected in the clip of her mother scolding her suggest that she is not on her proper path.
Our Lady Mary
9. The main theme throughout is of the girl being oppressed and unable to do what she really wants to do. The quote, "be more like me and less like you" reinforces this as the expectations of her are not what she wants to be like therefore, numb is repeated constantly throughout to portray her trapped and frozen in what is happening around her and numb is used to create a symbol of division from her feelings and expectations of her as a whole.
Its Says Numb On Her Left Arm
Her being scolded by her Mother
10. In conclusion time to pretend and numb are both performance based music videos but portray completely different meanings to the reader. Time to pretend is all about the life of a rock star shown in a different light instead of being shown as a glamorous thing. Where as numb is all about following your own path and stepping out of another persons shadow.


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