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So You Think You Know Music. Tia Renee’ Rucker. Click home button to continue. Click the music note button to proceed Click the back button to review Click the help button to return to the home menu Click the information button to return to the table of contents - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


So You Think You Know Music?

Table of Contents iSingVoice Parts Vocal Dynamics Lets Practice!Ready to take the quiziPlayAnd at some point we rest Zzzzzzz

In a piece of music there comes a rest where the music completely stops. There are 9 rests but we will only focus on the one that corresponds with 1 beat of rest and 4 measures the quarter note.

Musical staff by: ccrma.stanford.edu8Lets Practice!Out of these artists distinguish the voice parts of each soprano, alto, tenor or bassSadeDeep Voice GuyBeyoncMale voiceQuiz Time!!Select the correct answer to each one of the questions. You must get a five out five score to continue through the lesson. If incorrect you will have time to review that section

Take your time and do your best iPlayWhat is a interval?An interval is the distance between two notes. We will discuss five major intervals that are popular to musicMinor (m) Major (M) Perfect (P) Augmented (A) Diminished (d)

http://mlblog.musiclearningworkshop.com/172/major-and-perfect-intervalslibrary.thinkquest.org11Lets PracticeSilently rehearse each song. Which interval corresponds with each song?

Happy BirthdayHere Comes the BrideStar Wars NBC ThemeSomewhere Over the RainbowStormy Weather

theblackboxoffice.comfineartamerica.com18Quiz TimeQuiz Directions: Answer the questions to the best of your knowledge. You must complete all of the questions correctly in order to move on to the next one. TIP: Use the hints to assist you

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Musical notes from: librarythinkquest.com10

Lets PracticeHow long does this note play for?

How long does this note play for?

How long does this note play for?

How long does this note play for?

Directions: THINK to yourself. How long is the beat for each note?

Images by: http://staff.fcps.net/eisaacs/paws%20performers/paws%20performers.htm9iSingThere are four major voice parts to singingSopranoAltoTenorBassiSingThe soprano takes the highest part in a piece of music which is in the falsetto voice. Usually this part in a piece of music is the melody. What singer do you think has a soprano voice?iSingThe alto part is he second highest voice part in the 4 part chorus. The alto is usually known to be flexible with the other three voice parts meaning the alto can take the role of any of the three voice parts. What famous artist do you think has a alto voice?iSingThe tenor voice is particularly the male voice part in the chorus which is the highest male part. The tenor usually has the melody in the male part. What famous artist do you think has a tenor voice?iSingThe bass possess the lowest vocal range of all voice types. It is the lowest demanded voice part and usually shakes the sound of the chorus making it sound more powerful and strong. What famous artist do you think has a bass voice?iSingForte is the Loud of a voice part

Fortissimo is the very LOUD of a voice partiSingChoral instructors often use the term crescendo and decrescendo to signify the uniqueness of the voice.

iSingCrescendo is the increase in sound from a particular singer or piece of music

Decrescendo is the decrease in sound from a particular singer or piece of musicQuestion #1What voice part is the lowest of the male range?AltoTenor BassSopranoQuestion # 2Which female voice part particularly takes the melody of a song?AltoSopranoTenorBass

Question #3What voice part is the most flexible in a chorus?TenorBassSopranoAltoQuestion # 4Which voice part is the highest of the male voice parts?TenorSopranoBassAltoSorry Try Again Would you like to review this section?YES NOGREAT JOB! You have completed the iSing section of So you think you know music! What do you want to do now?Review? Exit?