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  • 1. INTERNATIONAL NEWSLETTER OF THE TI RFID GROUPISSUE NO. 20, 2000 Baggage Direct Uses Tag-itThe Worlds First RFID-based Baggage Delivery System aggage Direct took offuse the Internet to check on thepassengers a complete high-techyear via its partnership with LynxB at Heathrow Airport onwhereabouts of their luggage at solution to baggage transporta-Express, allowing baggage to be July 27th. Developedevery stage and verify its finaltion. Baggage Direct is also plan- delivered anywhere in the by systems integrator delivery. It is even planned to ning to offer a nationwide UKcountry. KTP Ltd using Texas equip top London hotels withdelivery service before the Instruments Tag-it 13.56MHz RFID readers that will automati-end of the smart label technology, the innov-cally trigger a text message to ative new Baggage Direct servicethe passengers mobile uses smart labels to track andphone via the Internet route passengers luggage from thetelling them that their airport to their hotel freeing pas- baggage has safely arrived sengers from all the hassle of bag- at the hotel. gage transportation. "This unique service Baggage Direct is a new sub-puts London way ahead in sidiary formed by BAA and the innovative use of RFID launched with the backing ofsmart label technology to major partners: United Airlines,provide totally hassle-free Forte Hotels and Lynx Express service for passengers," delivery services.said British Airport Baggage Directs service offers Authoritys chief executive, automatic routing and trackingMike Hodgkinson. of the baggage from a specialBaggage Direct intends Baggage Direct kiosk at the to extend the service to airport direct to the passengers all terminals at Heathrow hotel. The service guarantees as well as to other UK delivery to a major London hotelairports, and then within 3 hours and passengers can internationally to give The Ease of Speedpass atTI Celebrates 10 Year McDonald's with TI RFID TagsAnniversary of RFIDustomers in thePeople who want to use thisEmerging from the lab just tenearly days, transponders were soldCChicago area can now payment method can order a free years ago as a promising technologyby the thousands," said Dave in search of new data collection Slinger, a vice president at Texasuse their Speedpass tags Speedpass tag from Mobil. When applications, the billion dollar Instruments. "Today there areat select Chicago area they go to the McDonald's drive-RFID industry today is as pervasivehundreds of millions of transpon- McDonald's locations both insidethru window, they simply orderand as commonly used as the keys ders deployed worldwide. People the restaurant and at the their food at the menu board, in your pocket.literally carry them on their keyFrom its beginnings in tracking chains to automatically pay for gas drive-thru. drive on to the payment windowlivestock, RFID technology has or to protect their cars from theft. moved into hundreds of industrial, They may have a transponder inContinued on page 8. commercial and consumer applica- their car to speed them through a tions affecting hundreds of millions highway toll, or they may wear an of people's lives worldwide, and RFID employee badge to help driving an industry that is growingprotect them in the workplace." by 25% according to Venture When it was first introduced in and Development Corporation. 1990, RFID was a little knownAs a pioneer of this industry,technology used to identify and Texas Instruments just celebrated their 10th anniversary. "In the Continued on page 2.

2. Continued from page 1. technology, these andshift. Corporations were replacingrials, work in process, and prod-other companies aremom-and-pop filling stations, and ucts during distribution. The tagsusing RFID to create competition for customers was allow data to be collected auto- new markets and heightened. Gas stations were matically, without human inter- move out ahead of teaming up with everything from vention and without human error. the competition.grocery stores to banks in an effortWith the growing development of to create an easy, one-stop shoppingstandards, these tracking applica-Automotive Securityexperience. The business became tions will begin to cross companyBack in the earlymore about driving traffic andand country boundaries in true1990s, car thieves repeat sales through customer supply chain automation.and joy riders wereloyalty. TodayAs part of the celebration, Texasmaking off withInstruments hosted an anniversarymillions of vehicles party at Frontline around the world. High theft ratesmplishm ents.a decade of RFID accoalso meant insur- Dave Slinger describes ance rates were skyrocketing. At track livestock and follow palletsthat time, the Ford Motor through warehouses. Ten years Company took a dramatic step to later, RFID:thwart would-be thieves with the Reduces car theft and insurance introduction of an RFID-based premiums for 50 million anti-theft immobilizer system. motorists worldwide;What began on the 1994 Ford Provides faster gas and conve-Escort in Europe is now on 84% nience stores purchases for of all 2000 model-year Fords, and more than 4 million drivers;will be on more than 90% of the Tracks hundreds of millions ofcompany's vehicles by 2004. dollars worth of commerce Other international automotiveOver 1 each day from containerized00 invit companies such as Daimler-ed gues ts celeb freight yards and warehouses,rated d Chrysler, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, RFID is uring th e TI pa right to retailers doors;Toyota and Nissan have also rty at Fa strong point-of-sale rontlin e Chica And is improving manufacturingadopted the technology. go Expo.tool for Mobil that has helped productivity for companiesform stronger customer relation- around the world. Retail Refuelingships. An experimental technology just Retail customers have embraced Solutions 2000 in both Chicago a decade ago, RFID today is being the technology as a faster, easier Materials Tracking and Frankfurt with many old driven by market leaders like Ford, way to pay for gas and are nowCompanies around the worldfriends who have been contribut- Mobil, Chrysler, and 3M in areasusing it to buy convenience storehave been using glass capsuleing to the growth of the industry such as automotive security, retail items. When Mobil introduced transponders embedded in plastic for all these years as direct cus- refueling and materials tracking. Speedpass three years ago, the totes, attached to racks and carts tomers, systems integrators, and Pioneering the application of industry was undergoing a majorfor many years to track raw mate-users of TI RFID.Web Site is UpgradedMade Easier and MoreComprehensiveThe web site www.tiris.comworldwide marketing manager was redesigned to be the one-stop for TI. informational site on RFID. A new section was added that The site remains a source for focuses on Team Tag-it, a information on TI's RFID prod-worldwide program formed by TI ucts, complete with downloadableto accelerate the development and brochures, reference guides and adoption of RFID smart label application notes on TI's technol-solutions. Member information, ogy and product offerings. Case news and events are available studies for the many applications online. Issues of the Team Tag-it and solutions offered by TI can quarterly newsletter are download- Click on also be found on the site.able on the site as well. www.tiris.com "We're continuing to make our RFID technology easier to use and adopt and the Web is a major part of our strategy," said Tony Sabetti,2 3. BRAZIL A Solution to Security Needs of Brazil's Citizens chindler Technology, board that can manageS of Rio de Janeiro, three Micro-readers or three Brazil, has been S2000 Readers; passing installing accessthe identification to the control systems forcomputer using a single people and cars using TI RFIDserial cable. The first byte since 1998. Since Rio is one oftransmited is the reader the biggest cities in the world, number (1-3). It also has 7 security is a major concern, relays controlled by thecomputer. With only one particularly in residential build- ings where more than 1000byte passed from the PC, people enter and exit daily. it can select the relay and "We evaluated many RFIDestablish the time of action providers, and found TI offeredbetween 0 and 3 seconds,after that, the relay goes to the best relation between cost andthe initial position auto- benefit, said Sigismond Schindler, company owner. matically. It releases the soft-ware, making it W e evaluated manymore efficient.Many of thepeople accessinstallations use agate antenna mounted individuals carry aHandsfree access to garages is fast and convenient. residents from parking more cars RFID providers, and found on a wall or gate while than the allowed number. A 85 mmbatteryfree, low frequency disk TI offered the best relation keyring tag. With this transponder is issued to eachOur read range record with thistag is 2.10 m," he added. To date, Schindler has out-fitted more than 10 residentialbetween cost and benefits. combination it is easyenough for students toauthorized vehicle. Unauthorizedvehicles are not allowed to enterbuildings with close to 10,000issued tags. leave the tag right intheir backpacks andthe garage. "Since this tag has a read range For more information, contactSigismond Schindler,simply turn aroundof up to 1.5 meters, it is perfectTel: +55-21-493.7990 ortowards the antenna for cars," said Mr. Schindler.493.7216; or e-mail tountil the gate unlocks. "Other technologies can reach 4 sigis@bol.com.br Schindler TechnologyIn the area of vehicle accessto 6 meters, but the cost for the engineered several new accesscontrol, the problem in Rio is to system is too high. TI is the only products around TI. One of manage garage space. Residentialcompany that can reach up to 1.5 m these is the SCH31, an interface building managers want to prevent with low cost RFID products. HOLLAND AUTOMATIC ACCESS TOFUN AND GAMESThe Dutch company VConsyst,