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  1. 1. Throwing a Baby Shower and Baby Shower Gifts Ideas When it comes to the grandest events, nothing can be compared to the joy and excitement than the birth of a baby. And so the celebration done to welcome the birth of a newbie is extremely meaningful. Baby showers have been part of celebrations in the United Sates for quite some time now.It can be spent simply with an afternoon tea while gathering few friends or can be elaborate with all thecake, decorations, games, and a theme. Baby showers are parties that are planned by close family, co-workers and friends to celebrate a womans awaiting motherhood.As it is usually thrown as a party, the future mom definitely will receive great presents for her and hercoming baby. Usually, it is a surprise occasion where the host invites close friends and family of themother. It consists of presents, games and food.It can be done any time although the typical schedule to celebrate it is in the early trimester that isanywhere about 32 weeks. This is especially done on these periods to ensure that the mum-to-be hasalready been past her danger pregnancy.Another thing that must be remember is that it can be done anywhere except at the mum-to-bes home.This ensures that she is kept away from the worries of cleaning and that everything will be just fun andstress-free for her.The celebration is usually graced with a specific baby theme to set the mood for everyone. It can bemade personally by the organizers or can be bought from baby and mommy shops. Some top choice forthe theme includes Nursery rhymes, Teddy Bears Tea Party and books.And the most important aspect of the shower is presenting presents for the expectant mom and her baby.If the celebration is not a secret to the mom-to-be, have the mum list gift ideas that she is expecting.Otherwise guests must also enlist the possible gifts that they can give the mother.Some of the best baby shower gifts that you can give include dressing gown, Gift certificates formassage, spa visits, and hair cuts to encourage her to take good care of herself after birth. Other gifts,such as car service, meal delivery or yard care, in the weeks next to delivery are also practical gifts forboth parents.For babies, you can give books, toys, baby clothes and other baby supplies including changing tables,blankets, diaper bags and monitors. Other practical gift ideas also include nursery rhyme CDs,bathroom kit that can be wrapped in beautiful Gift Boxes.