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( - In a world where distractions were long thought the enemy, one man befriends that foe and finds freedom in a shiny object on her rock. Since then, he has embraced the distractions and searches to help others in the epic battle against the norm.


  • 1. Welcome to the Distracted Podcast In a world where distractions were long thought the enemy, one man befriends that foe and finds freedom in a shiny object on her rock. Since then, he has embraced the distractions and searches to help others in the epic battle against the norm.Mark: If you cant blame it on the ADD, blame it on your wife or your dog. And nowDistracted with Mark Patey. Mark: Its the distracted program. Miah: In that context you dont wanna blame it on your wife and you do wanna blame it on your dog. Mark: You can only blame it on your dog. Just make sure you havent let the dog out under the backyard. Miah: True story: I was at a friends house, and were talking and theres that awful smell coming from all over and you blame it on the cat. Hes like get out of here cat! Mark: Shameful but true, you just blame it all on the cat. Alright, welcome to the show

2. Holiday Love Miah: Hey Mark! Mark: How you doin Miah?Miah: Im doin actually really well. Mark: I feel bad. We missed a week last week. Miah: Well, vacation, thanksgivingMark: Holidaysyeah, its been busy. Its good. But we still love our audience and were still sorry we missed you. We really tried. Miah: We dont really even know you, but we love you. Thats how easy we give away our love.Mark: Yeah, Ive got all the love in the world. I can share. 3. Short Episodes Mark: Okay, were gonna try to do shorter episodes and more of them at the request of many including me. Miah: Well its the first part of this shorter episode and last but were doing many.Mark: Can you guys talk less and not do so many episodes please. Miah: Yeah, yeah. Good times. Mark: The topic of the show today. It actually comes from a caller. Serious caller. Which is odd for us to ever take on anything too serious. Miah: So its what we have to call like one of our friends say call and leave a message. Its actually a real caller. Mark: Weve never had a friend call and leave their message Miah: And the name was Sergio 4. Rules of the Show Miah: Rules of the show. Mark: We reserve the right to be wrong, we reserve the right toMiah: Change our mind. Mark: And we reserve the right to offend all people equally, because free speech is practiced here. Thats our rules. Miah: Those are our rules. And we recommend everyone to live by those rules. Mark: Yes. You know I have an interesting perspective this week experience I got a call Miah: Oh is this what I saw on FaceBook about your the sunset picture? 5. Picture on Facebook Mark: It was the sunset picture. We havent talked about it yet so I want you to hear it. So the picture I posted on facebook was just a picture of the jet on the ramp in California and the sunset was setting down behind it and I was just doing a walk around the plane for pre flight to come home and I saw that sunset and it just hit me because of why I was in California and I had to take a picture of the sunset and you know the airport there and I took a picture of the back of a jet and it looks like its going away the sunset even if it s on the ground. And because it struck me, I had to stop I couldnt finish my pre flight I just stopped and looked at the sunset and that image there in front of me of like the plane heading into the sunset because the reason I was there is I was gonna approach by a good friend of mine, he says hey Ive got a friend whose gotten really ill recently and we need to rush in California today like in thirty minutes can we be airborne, can we take your plane and get to a cancer center in California I said, yeah oh my gosh absolutely. Lets go. And so I meet this guy a good friend of his and hes there with his wife and kid, we blast off to California and dropped off at a very well respected cancer center then we leave and I took my friend and this guys with his wife and his kid went into the hospital or the center and we went to lunch and thinking about how serious and how quickly someone can get ill and how quickly life changes we had a nice lunch and thought about life and work and putting things in perspective and we went back to pick him up. Well perspective hit you like a ton of bricks to find out hes got less than three months to live. 6. Drugs and Medications Miah: Did he just find out then? Or did he know? Mark: His doctors back here in Utah I think have prepped him but this was the last hope hes with the experts. These are the hardcore. These guys do the experimenting they have the permission to take people who were terminally ill and try the drugs and medications that arent permitted or legalized yet by the FTC Miah: FDA. Mark: or FDA whatever it is.Miah: CFFD whatever alphabets. Mark: Dude it even took me so long to figure out what LOL was Id say something funny on a text and reply me back on a text with LOL like lol. Why do they say lol? I thought that was pretty being funnyMiah: ROFL. Rolling on the floor so back to the subject 7. Sunset on Life Mark: No this is so serious and you know the hope was gone for the family and you could see it. They were quiet on the flight they were talkative and appreciative of the trip and how good it is in the air and how beautiful that flight was, thats their first flight in like almost a year. There wasnt a bump in the air and the take off came out the descent, it was perfectly smooth, perfectly gorgeous, perfect flight. And then they get this news that you know theres no hope. And to see someone lose that and I know they were being strong, but even when we got home, we landed back here and you know its only a few hours, out there meeting, get back here and they quietly got in their car and left,. So that picture I took when we got in the airport when were leaving California, that sunset, and I titled it on my Facebook, a sunset on life. And I couldnt help but think what would I do if I had 3 months left? Where would I be mentally, emotionally, would I be out riding motorcycles with my kids, would I be just taking care of the legal aspects, would I be in a depression for three months straight. And I dont know youll never know how to handle that, you know with a lot of death because of my volunteer time for search and rescue and its always the immediate and unexpected. 8. Doing more fro Others Mark: Ive seen that a lot and you know weve talked on this show about loved ones that have lost in aviation. And its just all of a sudden. This is the first time Ive seen someone who has to handle it and suddenly, they have three months. And I dont know man. Just a part of me thought, I got to do better at doing more for others. Because, what else do we get? You dont take anything with you and hopefully this show is part of that, I feel like for me this is part of what I can do. And it brings up another thing Miah, you and I have talked about this, the distracted program can be so much more than just ADHD. I mean thats important, and its important to so many of us but you know, you and I have learned weve got some great friends and a lot of people in our circles have learned that a lot of things about finding success in life, finding happiness in life, for me, a big part of that is embracing the distractions. I found my greatest successes by embracing the distractions and embracing this distracted me. And I think we should be teaching people more than just okay lets accept the gift and manage the curse of ADHD. We should go farther, I think theres a lot more we could provide in how we do it. But Im just thinking out loud, because of this sunset on life experience, we could do more. We could do a lot of coaching and consulting businesses, why dont we do it on the radio show, why do we have to charge people at the conferences and conventions, why do we have to make it so expensive or only obtainable for the kind of people that pay and stop at their office. A lot of listeners, reality is, theyre not gonna afford your time, theyre not gonna be able to afford my time, and thats not to say it in an arrogant way, its just the reality, I dont have a lot of time. But Ive committed time to this, and maybe we can do more. 9. Trends and Truths Miah: Yes and I think at the same time, a lot ofmostly we talk about are trends and truths Mark: Truth is truth. You learned it in school, or your faith, religious group, or you learn just in experience in life or you find this truth is universally applicable Miah: In which we apply that truth in our situation of ADHD or ADD and doing things differently, and taking things and twisting, putting them on their head and why cant we apply that during the program to other aspects of life. Mark: I agree and we should. And lets figure out a new even more fun, more engaging way to do more than just ADHD, still it should be called the distracted program coz were not gonna change the reality that were gonna get distracted, but lets bring more to it. Even more if its you know, how to start a business, how to evaluate what ideas are good and what not, how to keep yourself in shack when it comes to you know, making business decisions and be fun. So listeners,Miah: And maybe even not about business.. 10. Distracted in Productive ways Mark: Yeah and maybe even not about business it could be other things it could be anything. Heres your invitation, help us Miah: get this distracted. Mark: morph this show into somethingyeah, get distracted. Miah: Help us get distracted. Mark: Help us morph this show into what will help you the most. And do that by calling in, do that by facebook, its gonna be the easiest way to help us do that. Help us get distracted in productive ways. Miah: And also, continue to ask questions about ADD/ADHD, the gift and curses because we will continue to talk about it.Mark: It wont be the sole focus, it will be the underline kind of current but it wont be the you know, 11. Knowing your Hosts Miah: it wont be stabbing in the eye every second of the day. Mark: Right.Miah: Except for today. Mark: Except for today, okay so lets weve got anot