Thousands oi tons mined daily, but where does it all go?

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<ul><li><p>Thousands oi tons mined daily, </p><p>but where does it all go? L ^ i d you ever have the misfortune on a steaming, sticky, sultr~y day to sit it out on a crowded parkway, bumper to bumper, waiting for traffic to clear? No doubt your thoughts were plenty sulphurous but probably not along the lines we have in mind. </p><p>We're thinking of the mineral Sulphur and its link with the automobile. Each car accounts for a substantial poundage of Sulphur, some estimates put it at around 25 pounds for the average car. Give or take 5 pounds, it shov/s thai a tremendous tonnage of Sulphur is needed each year top&gt;ut cars, buses and trucks on the road ready to operate. And don't forget thetire and battery replacements going on every day. </p><p>Sulphur enters the automobile picture through the tires, steel sheets, plated and plastic fittings, glass, battery acid and parts, copper tubing and wiring . . . a l l of which call for the use of Sulphur or its compounds in connection with their manufacture. </p><p>Can you wonder that Sulphur goes into industry just about a s fast as the sulphur producers of the Gulf Coast Region can get it above ground and cooled preparatory to shipment? </p><p>T e x a s G u l l S u l p h u r @B t ^ J ^ 75 East 45th Street, New York 17, N. Y, ^ ^ J ^ j f </p><p>Sulphur Producing Units: Newgulf, Texas Moss Bluff, Texas Spindletop, Texas Worland, Wyoming </p><p>C H E M I C A L A N D E N G I N F E R I t s l G N E W S 3928 </p><p>^# LJL JL fw^ JLJL LJL JL </p><p>Sulphur</p></li></ul>