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THINGS TO REMEMBER! Get your intramural contract signed and bring it back to your PE teacher. Bring your PE uniform and tennis shoes on your PE day (7 TH & 8 TH grades) Uniforms cost ~$14.00 6 TH Graders bring your tennis shoes on your PE day. Bring your PE fee to your homeroom teacher. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Thomas Jefferson Middle SchoolHealth and Physical Education Department774-4630 Denise FrancisMartin Patrick PeverallJR

    THINGS TO REMEMBER!Get your intramural contract signed and bring it back to your PE teacher.Bring your PE uniform and tennis shoes on your PE day (7TH & 8TH grades) Uniforms cost ~$14.006TH Graders bring your tennis shoes on your PE day.Bring your PE fee to your homeroom teacher. 7th & 8th grade = 4.50 6th grade = $3.50Lost locks cost $4.50 Always use your PE lock to lock up your things.Never bring valuables to school.TJMS ATHLETES:IF YOU DO NOT DRESS OUT FOR PE AND YOU ARE ON AN ATHLETIC TEAM, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PLAY IN THAT DAYS GAME. YOU MUST BE AT SCHOOL FOR OF THE DAY IN ORDER TO PLAY IN THAT DAYS GAME. YOU MUST BE AT SCHOOL BY 10:45am.IF YOU LEAVE FOR MORE THAN OF THE DAY YOU MAY NOT PLAY IN THAT DAYS GAME, EVEN IF IT IS FOR A DOCTORS APPOINTMENT.A complete list of intramural and athletic rules can be found on the schools website under under the Athletics icon, then under the Athletic Qualifications & Handbook icon. Each parent and student athlete should read these rules and become familiar with these rules and regulations.Parents: Please be sure to sign the accompanying paperwork to acknowledge that you have read and understand these rules and policies.

    County wide A/B days are posted on the school website. Refer to the website when in doubt.

  • THOMAS JEFFERSON MIDDLE SCHOOL PHYSICAL EDUCATION PHILOSOPHYWe hope that each student here at TJMS enjoys his/her Physical Education experience. We, as teachers, strive to be the best and encourage each student to do the same. Our hope as Healthful Living Educators is to teach our students information and activities that will allow them to become active for their lifetime. As we try to make each lesson fun, we want all students to learn the following:1- Respect2- How to put forth his/her best effort3-The importance of lifetime fitness activities and health4-Good sportsmanship and honesty5-The fundamentals of a variety of sports and activities

    TJMS PHYSICAL EDUCATION GRADING POLICYWe use the following grading scale for PE:1- 45% -Personal and Social Responsibility (See accompanying sheet)Some examples of this are: being on time, bringing appropriate wear, being safe with equipment and around other students, helping and encouraging others, sharing equipment, and appreciating the differences of others.2-45% - In class skill performanceThis grade will be based on the quality and percentage of the daily class participation. This could include skill performance, drills, or exercises. 3- 10% - Reading Assignments/Test/Quizzes/Projects (when applicable)

    What you will need for Physical Education:7th & 8th Graders: All students should bring and wear his/her TJMS PE uniform and tennis shoes on his/her PE day or wear a WSFCS PE uniform. The student MAY NOT opt out of dressing out for PE. Students MUST dress out unless they have a doctors note. Girls MAY NOT tie their shirts and/or roll up their shorts. Boys shorts MAY NOT sag.6th Graders: All students must wear tennis shoes on his/her PE days. Habitually failing to wear or bring the proper shoes will result in a lowering of the students grade due to lack of participation.

    IMPROPER SHOES INCLUDE, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO THE FOLLOWING: Sperrys, Toms, cowboy boots, UGG boots, Wallabees, Timberland boots, any other types of boots, open back shoes, ballet type shoes, flip flops, sandals or any shoes with hard bottoms. We restrict these shoes for the safety of our students.

    FEES: 6th Grade Fees = $3.50 which should be paid to your homeroom teacher.

    7th & 8th Grade Fees = 4.50 which should be paid to your homeroom teacher

    All 7th & 8th graders will be issued a PE lock and each student is expected to use it during his/her PE class period. Please remind your child to put all of their belongings in a locker and lock them up. VALUABLES SHOULD NEVER BE BROUGHT TO THE LOCKER ROOM! The PE teachers are not responsible for anything that is lost or stolen in the gym or locker room. Please call (774-4630) or email us if you have any questions.