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1. Thomas Jefferson By: Nathaniel Redwood Finley 2. Birth and Early Life Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13,1743 in Albemarle, Virginia. His father, Peter Jefferson, named the house Shadwell. The Jeffersons lived there for two years after Thomas was born. They moved to Tuckahoe, a large tobacco farm. Thomas had eight siblings. When Thomas was nine the Jeffersons moved back to Shadwell. Tuckahoe 3. Education In Tuckahoe there was a one room school house that, at age five, Thomas took his first lessons from a private teacher that his father hired. When he was nine, he went to Dover Creek to learn Greek and Latin for five years. He attended the College of William and Mary in 1760, at age sixteen. 4. Adult Life and Career Thomas was a lawyer. He was then elected a burgess, or an elected representative, in 1768. He married Martha Skelton in 1772. He wrote the Declaration of Independence in 1775. He was elected governor of Virginia in 1779 and 1780. Thomas also wrote a book called Notes on Virginia which was published in 1785. He was the 3rd president of the U.S from 1800 to 1809. 5. Accomplishments Thomas had many accomplishments. During his first term as president he bought 828,000 sq. miles of land from France, or the Louisiana Purchase. He got a gold medal from the Agricultural Society of Paris for making a plow out of moldboard. It moved easier. He wrote the Declaration of Independence. He was the 3rd president of the U.S. The Louisiana Purchase 6. Impact on the World and Date of Death Thomas wrote the Declaration of Independence to free the colonies from England. That had impact of making the U.S.A an independent country. By making the Louisiana Purchase he doubled the size of the U.S, giving Americans more room to farm. Thomas also founded the University of Virginia in 1819 and which had the impact of having a college for people to go to. Thomas Jefferson sadly died on July 4, 1826,at age 83, 50 years after he signed the Declaration of Independence. The University of Virginia