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    THOMAS Couplings & Flange AdaptorsNon Restrained Products J1

    Unifit Premier Series

    Universal Pipe Couplings and Flange Adaptors for all Rigid Pipe

  • Unifit Premier Series

    Locally Manufactured, Guaranteed Quality and Simple Installation J2

    Copyright © 2015 by Thomas Pipe Products

    Size Range

    - DN40mm - DN600mm


    - Water - Gas

    Pipe Materials

    - Ductile Iron - Cast Iron - Steel - Stainless Steel - PVC - HDPE - GRP - AC - Concrete - Clay


    Quality The Unifit Premier Series guarantees a high standard of quality. Additional extras such as coating thickness records and pre-lubricated rubber seals are part of the package. Ensuring a high quality, quick and easy installation.

    Flexibility The Unifit Premier Series is designed to accommodate plain ended pipes with different outside diameters. One fitting is able to connect a wide variety of pipe materials including steel, ductile iron, PVC, HDPE, cast iron, GRP and asbestos cement. With a working tolerance of up to 23mm and a working pressure of 16 bar for water, the product can be used for multiple applications across many pipe materials.

    Corrosion Protection The premier top quality Plascoat PPA 571 Aqua BPA free, UV stabilised and potable water approved coating is applied in a tightly controlled environment, ensuring a 300 micron minimum dry film thickness.

    Easy to Install The Unifit Premier Series is pre-assembled with lubricated gaskets. The captivated non-rotating bolt heads require a single spanner to install. These features enable a smooth and simple installation in even the most challenging conditions.

    Extensive Range From DN40-DN600mm. The Unifit Premier Series includes: - Wide range couplings - Universal drilling, wide range flange adaptors.

  • Unifit Premier Couplings


    Unifit Premier couplings can be used as step couplings across pipes within the working tolerance. For example a TC0150-2 (159-182mm) can be used to join a 160mm PVC pipe to a 177mm OD Asbestos Cement pipe.

    Copyright © 2015 by Thomas Pipe Products

    Available Range & Working Pressure Thomas Unifit Premier couplings and universal drilling flange adaptors incorporate a pre-lubricated thick tapered runner seal. Thus enabling a simple and quick installation of the product over a wide range of pipe outside diameters. Unifit Premier products are available from: DN40-DN600mm Standard working pressure WP = 1600 kPa (16Bar) Test pressure = 1.5 x WP

    Working Tolerance Unifit Premier couplings are wide tolerance product designed to fit all popular rigid pipe sizes, thus dramatically reducing the number of product to be stocked foor maintenance purposes. Unifit Premier products have working tolerances up to 23mm. Such as the TC0150-2 that ranges from 159-182mm.


    Table of Standard Sizes




    40 TCP 0040 48 58

    50 TCP 0050 59 73

    50 TCP 0050-2 59 78

    65 TCP 0065 72 85

    65 TCP 0065-2 74 90

    80 TCP 0080 88 103

    100 TCP 0100 98 118

    100 TCP 0100-2 108 128

    125 TCP 0125 132 154

    150 TCP 0150 150 170

    150 TCP 0150-2 159 182

    150 TCP 0150-3 180 194

    200 TCP 0175 192 209

    200 TCP 0175-2 205 222

    200 TCP 0200 218 235

    250 TCP 0225 235 252

    250 TCP 0225-2 250 267

    250 TCP 0225-3 260 274

    250 TCP 0250 271 289

    250 TCP 0250-2 286 304

    300 TCP 0300 302 318

    300 TCP 0300-2 315 332

    300 TCP 0300-3 334 350

    350 TCP 0350 344 360

    350 TCP 0350-2 356 372

    350 TCP 0350-3 374 391

    400 TCP 0400 391 407

    400 TCP 0400-2 401 417

    400 TCP 0400-3 417 437

    400 TCP 0400-4 430 446

    450 TCP 0450 440 460

    450 TCP 0450-2 458 474

    450 TCP 0450-3 477 493

    500 TCP 0500 494 510

    500 TCP 0500-2 509 523

    500 TCP 0500-3 518 534

    500 TCP 0500-4 526 546

    500 TCP 0500-5 556 572

    500 TCP 0500-6 577 593

    600 TCP 0600 600 614

    600 TCP 0600-2 611 624

    600 TCP 0600-3 627 643

    PIPE O.D.

    RANGE (mm)



    Coupling 9


    End Cap 4.5

    Half Coupling 4.5


    Unifit Premier Couplings


    Pipe End Misalignment It is good engineering practice to align pipes correctly before joining them with a mechanical coupling. Unifit couplings can accommodate a small degree of pipe end misalignment.

    For Pipe O.D < 300mm Maximum misalignment = 1% of pipe O.D. For Pipe O.D. > 300mm Maximum misalignment = 3mm of pipe O.D.


    (mm) (mm)

    Up to DN200 100

    DN200 - DN600 160

    > DN600 200



    (mm) (degree)

    Up to DN450 ± 6°

    Over DN450 - DN600 ± 5°

    Copyright © 2015 by Thomas Pipe Products

    Coating Hanging Ring NOTE: Products may be supplied with a ring to assist during the coating process, this is not a lifting eye for a complete product.

    Angular Deflection Thomas Unifit Premier couplings allow a certain degree of angular deflection between pipe ends. The maximum admissible angular deflection permitted by a coupling is determined by the OD of the pipe being joined.


  • Unifit Premier Couplings


    Copyright © 2015 by Thomas Pipe Products



    (mm) (mm) (mm)

    ≤ 200 100 16 10 32

    225 - 600 160 25 20 50

    Long barrel ≥ 300 Ø dependant Ø dependant Ø dependant


    Bolt Torque Rating To assure correct rubber seal compression, bolts must be tightened in diametrically opposite pairs, similar to the way a motor vehicle wheel is tightened. Bolt up evenly giving the nuts 2 or 3 turns at a time to the prescribed torque rating below:

    Galvanized Bolts: M12 - Torque 70-80Nm, use a 19mm Spanner. M14 - Torque 90-100Nm, use a 22mm Spanner. M16 - Torque 100-120Nm, use a 24mm Spanner.

    Stainless Steel Grade 316 Bolts (with lubricant): M12 - Torque 65-70Nm, use a 19mm Spanner. M14 - Torque 90-100Nm, use a 22mm Spanner. M16 - Torque 100-120Nm, use a 24mm Spanner.

    If an effective seal is not attained, the coupling must be loosened, lubricant must be applied to the rubber seal inside and outside. The coupling must be realigned and re-tightened.

    It is good engineering practice to visit the site and re- check the torque rating 24 hours after installation.

    NOTE: Stainless Steel bolts must be tightened with a dry film lubricant (Teflon) or wet lubricant (Nickel Slip). If a lubricant is not used the chances are high that the nut will seize on the bolt thread. It will be necessary to cut off the bolt and replace it.

    Component Identification

    1. Bolt 2. End Ring 3. Center Sleeve or Center Barrel 4. Rubber Seal

    Special Unifit Couplings Couplings can be manufactured including: - Special materials such as full Stainless Steel Grade 304 & 316 product - Stainless Steel bolts, nuts & washers - High Pressure couplings up to PN64 - Special sizes - Special coatings

    Long Barrel couplings are able to accommodate larger setting gaps.

    Pipe End Thrust, Restraint & Installation Internal pressure forces attempt to separate pipeline components, most notably at tees, bends and blank ends.

    NOTE: Couplings are NOT DESIGNED TO RESIST END LOAD due to pressure forces. End thrust restrained must be provided by other means.

    When placing thrust blocks and anchoring pipe with concrete, do not encase couplings in concrete. Leave couplings exposed during testing. The manufacturer can not be held liable for excavating leaking couplings.

    Additionally, step couplings must be anchored to avoid couplings ‘sliding’ along the pipe. Wide range couplings operating at both extremities of its working tolerance may also ‘slide’ with sufficient internal pipeline pressure. For example, an exposed (not buried) TC300-2 Coupling (315-332mm) that is joining a 315mm PVC pipe to a 332mm OD AC pipe may slide at as little as 10-12 bar. In these conditions the coupling must be restrained. Contact our offices for solutions.


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  • Material Specification

    THOMAS PRODUCT GROUP: TC - Thomas Unifit Coupling TCP - Thomas Unifit Premier Coupling TUF - Thomas Unifit Universal Adaptor TUFP - Thomas Unifit Premier Universal Adaptor

    TCP 0500

    COUPLING INTERNAL DIAMETER: 0500 - Thomas Pipe Products Stock Product Code Wide Range Couplings are manufactured with a 4mm fitting clearance. This coupling has a working tolerance of 494-510mm.

    1 2




    Unifit Premier Couplings

    Copyright © 2015 by Thomas Pipe Products


    How To Specify a Unifit Premier Coupling The coupling shall exhibit construction and design characteristics as follows: �

    � The End Ring shall be manufactured from a Ductile Iron casting.

    � No circumferentially welded or fabricated T sections are permitted.

    � The coupling working tolerance must be cast on the


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