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The rule of thirds and The 180 rule


The Rule of thirds & 180 degree rule

The Rule of thirds &the 180 rule

Rule of thirdsThe rule of thirds essentially splits the frame of view into thirds.The thirds are separated by lines going horizontally and vertically.The place where the horizontal lines and the vertical lines meet are called focus points; you would place something here if you wanted to draw attention to it.The rule can make a dull shot seem interesting when used effectively.For example

Here is an image of a tree that is at the centre of the frame. Pretty dull.

However, just placing the tree slightly off centre makes the image more interesting and the thirds grid can be shown in the image as well.My own examples

My own examples

The 180 ruleThe 180 rule shows where to put the cameras during a conversation between two people.The cameras should never be facing directly at each other and both cameras should be placed on the same side of the actors to make sure the audience dont get confused when watching the conversation unfold.


The following conversation is from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay

Below is an example of a conversation where the 180 rule is used.The man is looking to the audiences right.The woman is looking to the audiences left.This implies that they are looking at each other when cuts are made.Because of this the audience is able to establish that they are having a conversation.