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As interest rates are now at all-time lows, it's a better time than ever to refinance your mortgage.


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    Thinking of Refi nancing?

    Mortgage rates have recently dropped to levels not seen in years. If youre thinking of refi nancing, you probably wont fi nd a better time than now. Taking advantage of these low rates to refi nance could help you:

    Lower your monthly mortgage paymentssavings may be signifi cant

    Reduce uncertainty by converting from an adjustable to a fi xed rate loan

    Tap into the equity you have in your home to fund much needed remodeling, consolidate higher interest debt or fund a college education.

    No matter whether your goal is to lower your payments or take equity out of your home, HomeStreet Bank can help. Family and employee owned, HomeStreet has been helping families fi nance homes since 1921.

    Please give me a call for a no-obliga-tion consultation. But please act soon. Todays low rates wont last forever. I look forward to hearing from you.

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    This document is not intended as an offer to extend credit nor a commitment to lend. Any loan interest rates, fees and terms presented here are for illustrative purposes only and may not be currently available. This document was prepared to illustrate some of the fi nancing options available.

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