think you deserve a raise? do you know how to get one?

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  1. 1. www. disfincfiveweb. comTHINK YOUDESERVEARAISE? D0 YOUKNOW HOW Z TOGET ONE?1HERE THEN ARE SOME THINGS FOR YOU TO REMEMBER WHEN YOUVE DEGIIIED THAT YOU ARE GOING TO ASK FOR MORE MONEY: ARE YOU ASKING OR ARE YOU TELLING? First things rstls this a request or a demand?If youre demanding a raise,be prepared to not only be turneddown,but perhaps turned out as well,if not .Cimmediately,then as soon as your employer decides u 'how to make do without you or replace you.And make no mistake,no matter how valuable you are,you are not indispensable.WNow,thats not to say that every employer considers asking for more money an act of disloyalty,but be sure your case in support is solid.And if youre going to issue an ultimatum,be prepared to follow through. IlllllllDO YOUR HOMEWORKis your company solid nancially?If youre not sure,nd out.Theres no point adding to the money issues the company may be facing.If your employer can afford to increase your compensation but not to the level youd like because of nancial restraints,accept the raise with gratitude. { Resentment against your employer if theyve done what - they believe is the best they can do is a bad idea,even if * you think the organization could have done more,Unlessyoure the CFO,you probably really dont know the full story about the companys nances anyway.ARE YOU ASKING BECAUSE YOU TH| NKITST| ME? If your request is based primarily on the fact that its time for an annual review and you should be getting a raise,those days are gone.In fact,many employers now go out of their way to let new hires know,both during the onboarding stage and by way of applicable sections in the personnel handbook,that wage increases are no longer automatically tied to performance evaluations.ARE YOU WORTHIT? This is the threshold issue,isnt it?Assess your worth.Make a list of your accomplishments,your skills and what value youve added to the enterprise since you were hired or last given a raise.Be honest with yourself.It can get tricky when it comes to persuading others about how much youre worth. Your ego is not your amigo if you allow yourself to exaggerate what it is youve brought to the table or what youre committed to contributing going forward.Now put this information into a format that can be easily understood when presented.POLITELY SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENTAnd politely advise as to what you want to discuss and politely. .. .You get the point._ Be professional,be civil.Dont surprise -Jthe employer i_n the hope that lack of - preparation WIII make it harder to turn you rt? down.It wont. lennui: DO.NOT.BE.ANGRY. No matter the outcome,reacting with anger ratherthan responding with grace will likely doom any futurerequest on your part.Show strength of character,It ,will pay off in the long run,guratively and perhaps 7 even literally. 5 I IE, P'T'N9T'YEGOPYR| GHT 20l3, IJISTINGTIVEOAREER SERV| GES, LLG