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  • Things You Must Know About Home Security

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    Keeping your home safe is of the utmost importance. However, knowing the right securitysteps to take is not easy. This article should give you some helpful tips and ideas.

    Women have more chances of being the target of a home invasion if they live alone. Put bigboots on the front porch to give the appearance of a man residing inside the house. This willdrive away thieves.

    Criminals often pick houses where they can see the valuables inside. It may be great to havelarge windows with a view, but this means that people can look in. You should cover anywindows that are facing the street so your valuables will be safe.

    Man's best friend can be one of the most effective anti-burglary systems. Dogs are veryprotective of their turf and usually make noises when something is amiss. A commonmisconception, though, is that you have to have a large animal to be safe. Even the barkingof a tiny dog can repel potential burglars, who want to avoid noises as they carry out theircrimes.

    Don't be shy. Introduce yourself to your neighbors. Keep an eye out for their houses, andrequest that they return the favor. Pay attention to gossip. You could learn important securityinformation, such as if strangers have been lurking around the neighborhood.

    Always lock your home, even if you plan on coming back within a few minutes. It may shockyou to know this, but a lot of intruders get inside homes through open doors. Once a thief isinside, he can steal a lot of valuables in a short amount of time.

    Check someone's references carefully before letting them come into your home. It wouldn'thurt to also perform a background check. You never know if the maid, repairman orcontractor you hire is on the up and up, and letting them in or giving them a key could be afatal mistake.

    When dealing with a company installing your home security system, it is important that youtrust your gut. This is particularly true if you're uneasy with those that install your actualsystem. Don't hesitate asking for another technician or get another company. Remember thatevery aspect of your home security system should support you in feeling more secure.

    Purchase ceiling, flooring and roofing that is fire resistant. This adds more protection to ahouse, especially if you're in a dry area with some power lines. It's best to prevent a firebefore it starts.

    A secure hiding place can be created in a wall. You should think about hiding certain smallvaluables within your walls. Use an old switch plate, outlet or phone jack. You can also justput in a false plate to cover a hiding place.

    Every person who owns a home needs to take time to learn about home security. It will take

  • good sense to sift out the helpful information from that not useful to you. Keep these tipshandy, so you can refer back to them as you proceed to make your home more secure.