Things You Must Do In Life

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More very good advice along with cute and beautiful pix for your viewing pleasure. I receive several PowerPoint presentations through e-mail, so I thought I'd share them. I just post them. I didn't creat them :) www.PowerLegacy.Com


<ul><li> 1. Live Simply, Love Generously, Care Deeply, Speak Kindly, Leave the Rest to God! Don't take life so seriously!</li></ul> <p> 2. DANCE 3. REST 4. GET RETAIL THERAPY 5. SLEEP A LITTLE 6. KISS A LOT! 7. RELAX IN NATURE 8. HAVE FUN 9. GIGGLE A LOT 10. SCREAM AT THE TOP OF YOUR VOICE 11. TAKE A BUBBLE BATH 12. AND BE HAPPY!!!! </p> <ul><li>Do you feel like working today? </li></ul> <ul><li>Tomorrow? The day after? Next week? Next Month?</li></ul> <p> 13. I just want to party! 14. You.... have a GREAT Day!!! 15. </p> <ul><li>These pictures were compiled into a slideshow by Tony DeLiso from an e-mail received </li></ul>