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Download Thermoplastic - Sherwin-Williams Pavement ??Smart Mark™ - Thermoplastic Thermoplastic is heat applied and highly durable (thereby cost effective over time,) dries quickly ( 2 minutes)

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  • Smart Mark - ThermoplasticThermoplastic is heat applied and highly durable (thereby cost effective over time,) dries quickly (< 2 minutes) and is available in a wide variety of specifications. Typically these products are extruded at between 90-120 mils and achieve wet night performance when applied with larger type III beads. Thermoplastic is particularly well suited to asphalt surfaces because the material develops a thermal bond with the substrate via heat fusion.

    All Sherwin-Williams thermoplastic products are lead-free with zeroVOCs and available under our exclusive Smart Mark brand. Smart Mark includes an alkyd with additional oil and grease resistanceand higher freeze/thaw capacity, hydrocarbon - which exhibits better bonding at low temperatures and a solid block, alkyd or hydro, with extended shelf life and convenience of use.

    Key Benefits

    Among the most durable products available Superior adhesion to asphalt surfaces Can be applied via spray, extrude or profile Superior wet night performance when applied

    w/appropriate beads Available as a hydrocarbon, alkyd or solid block Excellent glass bead adhesion Zero VOCs

    Sherwin-Williams provides the complete spectrum of pavement marking solutions for a myriad of applications and specifications to satisfy the needs of every project. Ask a Sherwin-Williams sales professional about any other traffic marking needs you may have. We offer both waterborne and solventborne liquids , epoxy and MMA (methyl methacrylate) under our quality brand Sher-Endure. You are certain to find the materials you need in our extensive lineup of quality products.

    Ask how. Ask now. Ask Sherwin-Williams.

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    SMARTMARK Thermoplastic

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