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    Their Eyes Were watching God PACTSO


    Janie Crawford returns to Eatonville, Florida, from the Everglades in mourning over the

    loss of her husband. We learn that Janie loved a man named Tea Cake, whom the gossipy ladiessay she was way too old for. Pheoby, Janies best friend, defends Janie, saying that she has neverdone anything to hurt anybody. Then Pheoby leaves to take Janie some supper. Jannie starts totell her story on how Janie never knew her father or mother.She was Raasid by her grandmaJanie spends so much time with the white children that she doesnt realize shes blackuntil shesees a photograph of the family.She Marrys Nammed logon choosen by janniess gandma Loganpampers Janie less and tries to get her to perform manual labor, claiming that she is spoiled. Oneday, he leaves to buy a second mule so that Janie can help him work in the fields. While Logan isgetting the mule, Janie spies a good-looking, sharply dressed stranger ambling down the road.She catches his eye and flirts a while with him; his name is Joe Starks, a smooth-tongued, stylishman with grand ambitions. They start to argue and jannie leaves and marrys a guy nammmed

    jody they move to florida Jody introduces himself to two men, Lee Coker and Amos Hicks, andasks to see the mayor; the men reply that there is none. Jody moves over to a porch to chat with agroup of the townspeople, who tell him that the towns name is Eatonville. After hearing thatEatonville contains only fifty acres, Jody makes a big show of paying cash for an additional twohundred acres from Captain Eaton, one of the donors of Eatonvilles existing land. Hicks staysbehind to flirtunsuccessfullywith Janie. When Jody becomes mayor Jody decides that thetown needs a street lamp. He buys the lamp with his own money and then calls a town meeting tovote on whether or not the town should install it. Though some dissent, a majority vote approvesthe motion. After the lamp arrives, Jody puts it on display for a week, and it becomes a source of pride for the whole town. He organizes a big gathering for the lighting, complete with guestsfrom surrounding areas and a feast. The party is a huge success, full of ceremony and dignity.

    Afterward, Janie hints that she wants to spend more time with Jody now that he has done somuch work. He replies that he is just getting started. Jody grows apart from the rest of the townand they envy his new luxury lifestyle.


    The atmosphere of the story is a flashback in southern part of America. It reflects the charterers

    personality also the story of novel. The time and date also affect the event of what happens.


    Jody Starks - Janies second husband. Becomes mayor and grows further from the towns a

    person he starts to treat Janie as another person and their marriage deteriorates.

    Jannies Grandama only wants the best for Janie but decides to have aan enraged marriage


    Black Autonomy

  • 8/6/2019 Their Eyes Were Watching God PACTSO


    One of the most politically notable aspects of Their Eyes were Watching God, a decidedly

    apolitical novel, is the concept of black autonomy.

    Lover dose not always trimpuhe

    Always marry for love in the novel the protangisnt was not happy in her first Margie but happier

    in the next one.


    The story takes place in southern town about in the time after slavery this is shown from the

    events in the novel. It relates to the theme because Maggie was more of a sacrest thing then it is



    PlotAs the years pass, Janie gets more weak. She slowys becomes more like jody doing his will Sheconsiders running away but doubts that she can find place of safety anywhere, feeling that shehas grown unattractive. She feels her spirit detach from her body; she watches herself work at thestore and submit to Janie lives with Jody for years in resigned silence. She gets no emotionalsupport from Jody, and his wealth and the possessions he gives her are of no comfort. EventuallyJanie loses her temper and stands up to Jody in the store. She confronts him saying that he shouldstop pointing out how old she is all the time and maybe comment on himself once and a while.Janie points out that if he had listened to her before and had seen a doctor, he wouldnt be dyingright now. He never listened to her and never knew her through their twenty years of marriage.

    Janie confesses that hes not the man she ran away with. All she wanted was to make a home forhim, Jody dies trying to rebuke her. The community puts on a grand funeral for Jody. She is nowwealthy qaand attractive a trophie for any man Janie revels in her freedom. One day, the wholetown leaves to attend a baseball game in Winter Park, including Hezekiah. Janie tends to thestore by herself. Eventually we learn the strangers name is Vergible Woods, but he goes by TeaCake. Though Janie is cautious, she finds herself very comfortable around him, as if she hasknown him her whole life. hough Janie is obviously unhappy with Logan, she has a few reasonskeeping her from just ditching him for Joe. First of all, Nanny wanted her to marry Logan.Secondly, its nice and all that Joe would bring a new, unimaginable kind of life, but she alsodoesnt imagine having pear tree blossom love with him either. The day before Joe leaves town,he assures her that he wants to make a proper wife out of her; he doesnt just want to haul her off

    like a rogue. After all, Joe assures Janie that hes "uh man wid principles."He promises to comedown the road beyond the gate the next morning and if she wants to come, shell meet him andtheyll run away together .That night in bed, Janie considers the opportunity. When she tries totalk with Logan, he keeps blabbering about how grateful she should be to have him, consideringher parentage and all that. Then she poses to Logan a hypothetical situation to ask him what heddo if she ran away. Though it strikes a powerful fear in Logan, he scoffs at her and says no manaside from him is foolish enough to want her. The next morning, they argue. While Janiesmaking breakfast, Logan starts yelling at her to help him move a manure pile. She refuses,

  • 8/6/2019 Their Eyes Were Watching God PACTSO


    saying shes in her place (the kitchen or home) and hes in his (working outdoors).Loganresponds, claiming that her place is where he wants her. Jnies had enough of Logan and she tellshim that he hasnt done her a favour by marrying her. To top it off, she doesnt care at all for hissixty acres. Enraged, Logan calls her spoiled, thinks that she looks down on him because she wasraised in a white household, and says that her mother and grandmother werent hardworking.

    And, he threatens to kill her with an axe.

    * (important for theme )Pheoby talks to Janie about how she might want to consider marrying,but Janie tells her friend that shes not staying single because she misses Joe; she just loves herfreedom. Janie doesnt care if the whole town knows how she feels.


    Atmosphere of the story is very fast, strong, and questionable. Gossip, God, and an air of

    serenity control


    Tea cake is a charming young man who Janie feels comfortable with


    The setting takes place in Florida


    Janie, completely in love with Tea Cake, is overwhelmed by the rich, fertile fields of theEverglades. Tea Cake is familiar with life in the muck and immediately gets them settled before

    the seasons rush of migrant workers arrives. He plans to pick beans during the day and playguitar and roll dice at night. As the season begins, Tea Cake and Janie live a comfortable life.They plant beans, Tea Cake teaches Janie how to shoot a gun, and they go hunting together. Sheeventually develops into a better shot than he.

    She and Tea Cake get married. Janie doesnt tell Tea Cake about the two hundred dollars she hasbrought with her, at Pheobys urging, just in case things dont go well. After being married for aweek, Janie wakes up to find Tea Cake gone. This doesnt alarm her terribly because he had saidearlier that he was planning on going fishing. Hours pass and Tea Cake doesnt return. ThenJanie discovers her secret stash of $200 is missing. The image of an Eatonville widow namedMrs. Tyler jumps to Janies mind. Mrs. Tyler was courted by a young tramp named Who Flung

    who promised to marry her, then left her penniless in a strange town. Tea Cake eventually comeshome that night, serenading her with a guitar and his voice. He assures her that hes very much inlove with her. Hes know plenty of women, but shes the only woman he ever even consideredmarrying. He tells a relieved Janie that he did indeed take her two hundred dollars. He had neverhad so much money in his life before and decided to put on a party. He partied with all therailroad hands and spent all but twelve dollars of the two hundred. In his defense, he says hewanted to come back and bring Janie, too, but was scared that she wouldnt want to mingle with

  • 8/6/2019 Their Eyes Were Watching God PACTSO


    such common people. Janie assures him otherwise and demands that shes not left out of theaction in the future.

    Tea Cake assures his wife that theyll go try their luck farming in the Everglades once herecovers. As he falls asleep, Janie feels a "self-crushing love" for him.

    Janie and Tea Cake arrive in the Everglades and Tea Cake immediately finds employment with

    the "right folks" those who plan to plant a lot of beans. Then they acquire a house, which is

    really a shack for migrant workers, but Janie makes it a home.

    Mrs. Turner, a funny-looking, conceited woman, talks all the time about the evils of blackpeople. She loves whiteness and arg


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