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  • 1. The world is fast changing, so are the modes of entertainment. Even traditional media, such as radio, have evolved in new form. Online radio is, indeed, the newest entry in the entertainment industry.

2. Internet radio is creating the hypeTrue..However, it also imposes a big challenge. And that is, in terms of audience measurement. 3. Why?Anyone can listen to the radio channel from any place round the clock. Meaningful and accurate radio audience measurement, therefore, is difficult to be achieved. 4. Heres the solutio n.Portable meter is the best tool ready for the media owners. 5. Wherever the audiences listen to your broadcasts, you can measure, evaluate as well as know about the listening habits. 6. How it worksThe unique codes embedded within audio part of transmission are easily detected by the panel members. Portable meter enables electronic measurement of radio audience beyond the fixed location. 7. This new-age portable meter captures digital radio broadcasts ensuring perfect online audience measurement. 8. More about portable meter With portable meter, you can check out the details of listeners and the programs they are listening to. Besides, you can also detect how your listeners tune to radio channels as well as other details. 9. Who are using this portable meter?This type of radio audience measurement technology is gaining popularity throughout the world including Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Kazakhstan and Denmark. 10. ConclusionBig market, large number of audience and new- age audience measurement technology its the call of the day. Employ this technology and understand your online radio audience better! 11. Information +44(0)20 8967 0007


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