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The world is changing. Media Politics Journalism Medicine Warfare Music Books Business . What's different ? We now have an easy connection between an individual's passion to learn and the resources to learn it. Anytime. Anywhere. Anyone. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

The world is changing...


What's different?

We now have an easy connection between an individual's passion to learn and the resources to learn it.Anytime. Anywhere...Anyone.Five billion people will be connected to the Web by 2020.

Two billion predators......or two billion potential teachers from around the world.Challenge and Opportunity

"Our learning institutions, for the most part, are acting as if the world has not suddenly, irrevocably, cataclysmically, epistemically changed-and changed precisely in the area of learning."--Cathy N. Davidson and David Theo Goldberg"Future of Learning Institutions", 2009 (.pdf)'What can you do?' has been replaced with 'What can you and your network connections do?' Knowledge itself is moving from the individual to the individual and his contacts.

--Jay Cross, Informal Learning

But here is the challenge:"Institutions will try to preserve the problem to which they are the solution."

--Clay vs. Everyday

Analog vs. DigitalTethered vs. MobileIsolated vs. ConnectedGeneric vs. PersonalConsumption vs. CreationClosed vs. Open

David Wiley, BYURight now, schools are:

Time and place. Filtered. Teacher-directed. Predictable. Standardized. Push oriented. Content-based. Group assessed. Linear. Closed. Sept-June. Local. Learning will be (already is):

Mobile. Networked. Global. Collaborative. Self-directed. Inquiry based. On demand. Transparent. Lifelong. Personalized. Pull. Unpredictable.Shouldn't classrooms be?

Mobile. Networked. Global. Collaborative. Self-directed. Inquiry based. On demand. Transparent. Lifelong. Personalized. Pull. Unpredictable.In times of change, learners inherit the Earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.--Eric Hoffer"We need to move beyond the idea that an education is something that is provided for us, and toward the idea that an education is something that we create for ourselves."--Stephen Downes

The What Changes Game?

Premise: Ubiquitous access to information and teachers renders the current system of education irrelevant, and possibly obsolete. Given that, what changes?

LearningCultureLiteracy ClassroomsTeachingAssessment

The What Changes Game?

DEBRIEF.Look at the Google doc(s). What is your favorite change piece?

Who won the game?Look under your seat. If you find a You Are A Winner penguin- then you just won a book written by one or both of the presenters! Woo Hoo!

Collect after the keynote.

Our challenge, our opportunity.

Learners first, teachers second.

"None of us is exempt. We cant firmly believe in life-long learning and simultaneously not be clued in to the largest transformation in learning that ever has occurred in human history. Those two dont co-exist. Being a life-long learner is not ignoring whats going on around us; we dont get to claim the title of effective educator or excellent professor if we do this. We must change inertia into momentum. Thats what we owe our children and grandchildren."--Scott McLeod

It is a shift and requires us to rethink who we are as an educator. It requires us to redefine ourselves.

Next gameDeveloping your own shifted personal tag line

Learner First---Teacher Second

What is your personal tag line?

From: Get in line and follow me. or The same today, tomorrow, always.I scream -- because I care.

To: Learning together since 2011 you teaching me. or Learning: anytime, anyplace, anyway, anyhow

Create a new personal tag line for you as a connected educator!Write it under your name on your name tag! 1. Tweet your tagline using the hashtag #changegame2. Follow that hashtag and retweet a tagline you like! 3. Person with most retweets gets a prize at closing session.

Lets just admit it

You are an agent of change!

Now. Always. And now you have the tools to leverage your ideas.An effective change agent is someone who isnt afraid to change course.

A person who knows her own mind how it learns best is most likely to be able to change her mind effectively. ~~Gardner (2006)

It really is okay to be proudof the work that you havehelped to create.

While no passion of yours is100% yours, there is something important about standing up for the change that you believe needs to take place.

There are moments when "we"(students, teachers, admins)are ready to move on to thenext step in our progression.

We have to know when thatis as well.

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Balancing making a difference and trying not to drown anyone with my waves.

Whatever changes are being considered, sustainable leadership should look to the past for precedents that can be reinvented and refined, and for evidence of what has succeeded or failed before.-Hargreaves (2005)Invention is a flower,innovation is a weed.

Robert Metcalfe, inventor of Ethernet and founder of 3Com.Reform- installing innovations that will work within the context of the existing culture and structure of schools. It usually means changing procedures, processes, and technologies with the intent of improving performance of existing operation systems.

Transformation- is intended to make it possible to do things that have never been done by the organization undergoing the transformation.

Phillip Schlechty's, Leading for Learning: How to Transform Schools into Learning OrganizationsTransformation includes altering the beliefs, values, meanings- the culture- in which programs are embedded, as well as changing the current system of rules, roles, and relationship- social structure-so that the innovations needed will be supported.

As you develop your change agent vision Which are you? How will you change the world?

Be a networker- a connected learnerfoster collaboration between teachers, schools and districts

What will change in education because of your attending ECOO 2011?

What will you go back and Make a stand for?Create an awareness of?Do?Share?Connect?Collaborate?Act Collectively?

New Catch Phrase for Education

Brainstorm with your group and create a new catch phrase for education.

Go to and post a sticky with your group catch phrase.

We will hold a peoples choice (votes submitted by via text) at closing keynote to determine the winner.