the weary blues langston hughes by: denise lewis

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The Weary Blues Langston Hughes

The Weary BluesLangston HughesBy: Denise Lewis


2THEMEThe major theme in The Weary Blues focuses on the important role that music plays in a persons life as well as the emotions that are felt through music.

3ESSAYThesis: Langston Hughes illuminates how music can be another form of art used to express feelings by making a connection between the musician and the piano, colloquial blues terms and the performers strive to keep singing.1st Topic Sentence: Throughout the poem there is a clear connection between the musician and the piano which reveals the true emotion of the musician.2nd Topic Sentence: The elements of blues and jazz are used to exemplify the societal disposition and frustration of the piano player.3rd Topic Sentence: Although the singer is growing tired of life, the music helps sustain him which conveys the power that music has in his life.

4SHIFTThe shift occurs at line 19. Before that line the speaker is the man who is observing the musician play and he focuses on the movements of the mans body as well as his melancholy tone. In line 19 the speaker changes to the piano player himself and concentrates on the actual lyrics that are being brought to life through the music.

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