The Wall Decal Shop Announces New Wall Decals for Kids Rooms

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Post on 10-Aug-2015




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  1. 1. The Wall Decal Shop Announces New Wall Decals for Kids Rooms Wall decals for kids rooms are an excellent way to add charm and personalization to any childs room. Because the decals are easy to apply and do not have to be permanent, they offer the flexibility to change as the child grows. The Wall Decal Shop announces awide selection of new, excitingdecals for childrens rooms. View more kids room wall decals at the perfect decal is easy with the many different styles and themes offered at The Wall Decal Shop. Decoratingnursery walls becomes stress free with teddy bear decals or the stuffed animal zoo decals. A crib becomes magical withsleeping owl decals perched above it. As the child grows, these can be changed to dinosaurs, fairies, airplanes oranimals, whatever the child loves, and the whole feel of the room will change with the decals. The choice is wide withplenty of new, themed decals for a wide array of interests.Principal owner, Andreas statesOur kids related wall decals are great for children who want to put some fun into their rooms. It is a great inexpensiveway to make a childs room have a custom look.With full,straightforward instructions included, installing wall decals for kids rooms is easy and quick. The larger sets andpieces may require some extra hands, but overall installation is a simple process with beautiful results. The decals, whichare made of a matte, self adhesive, vinyl product, are easily removable and should not leave any residue or damage onwalls. When the room is ready for an update as the child grows, the kids wall decals can be easily changed leaving roomfor a new set of decals.Individuals can learn more about these kids wall decals at the Company:The Wall Decal Shop is based in Lynn, Massachusetts and carries a broad line of wall art including decals, stickers anddecorative art. With a vast choice of themes and styles of wall art and decals, The Wall Decal Shop provides decorativeneeds at affordable prices to a community of professional and home decorators.