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  1. 1. The last episode of T.W.D disappointed us, because we couldnt watch more action. But in this time, it return with interesting things. There are some topics By: Miguel Ortega
  2. 2. When Aaron arrived to the group, and started to talk, he showed them some pictures of the place but Rick Grimes hit him out of the blue.
  3. 3. Rick didnt want to believe to Aaron, but everybody thought he was telling the truth. However, all the group wanted to go to that place and didnt hear to Rick.
  4. 4. Rick is a clever man, and very suspicious, too. He didnt believe on Aarons words. First, when Aaron started to talk, Rick was uncomfortable every time. He didnt believe on him. Second, Ricks daughter was hungry, and Aaron offered him a jar of applesauce to his daughter, but Rick did to he ate it, you know, Rick wanted to be sure it didnt a trick to poison his baby. Third, when Aaron showed them the road to the place, he told: Is for route 16 but Rick decided go to route 23. Another thing is that Rick saved a gun inside in a blender.
  5. 5. When the group arrived at the water tower, Aaron met with an important person. He is Eric. When they met, they kissed. No one expected this.
  6. 6. Finally, all the group arrived at the place -Alexandria- and most of they were happy, they though: We will be safe here Their faces showed happiness. But Rick and Daryl were very suspicious.
  7. 7. In conclusion, this episode -5x11- returns the action which we want. Returns the fights, the walkers, the shoots, and stuff. Hey guys, if you thought the last episode was boring, you have to watch this episode. Take your coke and potatoes chips, and have 44 minutes of happiness. Here you have a video