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wei xin


  • Portfolio|WEI XIN

    Apply for MArch Architectural Design,University of EdinburghSelected Work From 2011-2015



    Image & Setting 1-10






    Arts Center

    Courtyard &Porch

    Friendly Fence &Floor

    Complementary work


    Raumplan-Study on Design Method Instructor: Ge Ming(Professor of SEU)Individual workSite: Xi'an, China

    Museum DesignInstructor:Li LiminIndividual workSite: Gaoling, Shanxi,China

    Monastery DesignInstructor:Mu JunIndividual workSite: Taining, Fujian,China

    Living System DesignInstructor:Yoshio KatoIndividual workSite: Guandu, Taiwan

    Space Culture Region Society| | |

  • 01Image and SettingRaumplan-Pedagogy on Design Method// Instructor: Ge Ming(Professor of SEU)// Site: Xi'an, China// Individual work

    "I do not draw plans, facades or sections For me, the ground floor, first floor do not exist There are only interconnected continual spaces, rooms, halls, terraces Each space needs a different height These spaces are connected so that ascent and descent are not only unnoticeable, but at the same time functional" -Adolf Loos

    This work makes a study design on a method of space design - Raumplan, and separately introduces its concept and two important thoughts: room and plan.

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  • Joint Classroom Joint Classroom Joint Classroom Joint ClassroomVoid Room

    Design ClassroomJoint Classroom

    Stair Stair

    Exhibition Hall

    Void Room

    Void Room

    Void Room

    Void Room


    Site Plan

    3 4

  • Exhibition hall is the main part of the whole building. Both staircase and space give hints of a forward spatial sequence.

    Different types of room have different brightness. Light is an important hint in the space.

    Room After Room

    Room With Room

    1st Floor1.Exhibition Hall2.Cafe3.Reference Rooom4.Joint Office5.Conderence Room6.Office7.Photocopy Room8.Blueprinting Room9.Equipment Room

    2nd Floor1.Model Room2.Design Classroom3.Professor Office4.Assistant Office

    01 5 10

    5 6

  • Room In Room

    3rd Floor1.Joint Classroom 12.Joint Classroom 2

    The boundary of the two jo int -des ign classrooms is opaque. The spatial relationship of the two joint-design classrooms gets each of them to have the spatial independence and also to feel each other.

    A-A Section







    7 8

  • Section Void Room

    B-B SectionThe staircase at the main entrance directly leads to one of the joint-design classrooms.

    The L-shaped exhibition hall makes all the space has their own personality.

    The staircases efficiently connect each space together.

    C-C Section

    D-D Section

    The void provides light and sieved or shifted views, in order to evoke a dialectic between interior space and best view.



















    9 10

  • With the development of the times, many intangible cultural heritages are on the verge of disappearing. Especially in some small cities, many places lack of cultural centers. However, culture as people's spiritual needs and foundation of the city requires a suitable carrier to bear and cultivate it.

    The design of museum focuses on the investigation and consideration of local cultural heritage. At the same time, it gives fully consideration of the spatial relationships and streamline in public buildings.

    02Arts CenterMuseum Design// Instructor:Li Limin// Individual work// Site: Gaoling, Shanxi,China

    11 12

  • Site Analysis Exhibit


    low-rise high-rise

    View People Green Axis step1

    step3 step4

    step2Festival lantern, as intangible cultural heritage, enjoys high reputation in Gaoling. Specif ically, Yi Yougong paper-made festival lantern i s covered wi th paper , whi le the bamboo sp l i t forms the inner structure. A l l m a t e r i a l s a r e n o t modern stuff but original, environment-friendly and ecological. Moreover, this k ind of lantern is total ly handcrafted.

    G a o l i n g C o u n t y i s located in the hinterland of Guanzhong P la in in Shaanxi Province. It is at the north part of Xi'an scope. The base is located in the southeast of the city, with a good vision in the direction of north and south. Besides, it is on the city oasis, and the main flow of people comes from the southern square.

    13 14

  • 0 1 5 10

    Scheme Generation Plan

    A-A Section





    Step7 Step8





    2.Guest Reception Room

    3.Reading Room

    4.Office Area


    6.Historical Relics Exhibition Hall

    7.Restoration Room


    9.Locker Room

    10.Exhibition Hall



















    The road system in the base naturally separates the city. This design is emanating from the concept of city. Because the shape of this site is much similar with that of city, in the design, topological approach is adopted to further create the overall shape of buildings.

    15 16

  • 17 18

    Circulation Space






    The Ground Floor

    Historical Exhibition Hall

    Model and cafe Exhibition Hall

    Exhibition HallStand

    Video Hall

    Generally, the houses of local residents have sloop roof, of which the space is various and changeable.

    The frame structure of it is economical and practical.

    The ent rance can directly stretches to the reading space a n d s t a n d a r e a a n d h a v e c l o s e c o n n e c t i o n w i t h courtyard.

    T h e s t r e a m l i n e i s annulus that wont i n t e r f e r e w i t h t h e streamline of staff, a n d i t h a s c l o s e c o n n e c t i o n w i t h exhibition room. It is simple and clear.

    T h e c o u r t y a r d i s c o n n e c t e d w i t h exhibi t ion room so t h a t t h e l i g h t i n g p r o b l e m c a n b e solved. On the other hand, the exhibition r o o m s e e m s w e l l -arranged.

    aluminum profilecladding in white Corian

    horizontal structurefoil(water resistant and vapor open)



    demountable panel

    reinforced concrete

    wood flooring

    concrete block

    waterproof membrane vapor-proof insulation foam

    water apron

    poor concrete

    wooden frame

  • The modern city is characterized by skyscrapers and busy life.Masses of buildings do not respect regional culture and many villages loss their traditional construction methods and crafts, leading to massive emergence of buildings without regional characteristic and loss of culture.

    The subject of temple design requires an understanding of the temple and stresses more on the use of base resource as well as the study of vernacular architecture and garden making.

    03Courtyard &PorchMonastery Design// Instructor:Mu Jun// Individual work// Site: Taining, Fujian,China

    19 20

  • The terrain of the temple is complex. The northern land is surrounded by bamboo forest, producing a serene atmosphere and offers a great view, producing a sense of territory. Meanwhile, the southern land offers a broader view, grows some big pine trees and connects with the original temple directly

    Site VIew

    Site Analysis

    Present Condition Accessibility Terrain

    low high

    View & Surroundings View & Surroundings

    21 22

  • 1.Good Place: There is sun shining the meditation place, with a good ventilation, and agreeable temperature.

    2.Good Companion: To mediate with others,so we can learn from each other even at break.3 . S e c u r e R e s i d e n c e : M e d i t a t i o n needsquiet space and surrounding environment with no interference.

    Corridor: Given the humid climate in Fujian Province, gray space is common.

    Courtyard: The local courtyard has four typical forms, offering different space feelings.

    Discussing MeditationPeople are free to exchange i d e a s i n t e a rooms


    This yard is filled with rises and falls.

    Quiet Meditation

    The sun wil l shine directly through the bamboo forest on the mountain then into the rooms.

    CleaningMeditation There are big p i n e t r e e s , s u i t a b l e f o r p e o p l e t o c l e a n t h e l e a v e s i n meditation.

    Connecting Courtyard

    People will pass t h r o u g h t h i s courtyard for meals.

    WaterCourtyardThe water in the courtyard reduces the f l o w i n g o f people in the room.


    Environmental Requirement


    Activities & Surroundings

    23 24

  • PLan

    B-B Section

    A-A Section

    Function1.Catering Area



    4.Administration Office

    5.Multifunctional Room

    6.Standard Suite

    7.Standard Room

    8.Laundry Room

    9.Linen Room

    10.Equipment Room

    11.Staff Room

    0 1 5 10

    25 26

  • Varying sceneries with changing view-points

    Entrance Reception Area Alley Porch

    Porch Exhibition Room Porch Meeting Room

    Between courtyard Porch Entrance

    Porch Porch courtyard Entrance

    Structure & Material



    Filling Layer



    Multifunction Room

    Standard Room

    Catering Area

    To penetrate the classical Chinese gardening methods into this design and inter-insert different gray spaces and courtyards produces more structured scenery.

    To use the local materials in the design is convenient to draw materials in an economic and pragmatic way. Whats more, combination of modern structure technologies makes the building more durable.

    27 28

  • 04

    The psychological permanenece of "home", either for single person or multiple-person households, is challenged curelly by the changing nature of the contemporary society. The moving social landscape is observed to be more intense and desired in cities.

    This work is intended to interrogate the ongoing socio-scape and home moving phenomena and the consequence needs.

    Friendly Fence &FloorLiving System Design // Instructor:Yoshio Kato// Individual work// Site: Guandu, Taiwan

    29 30

  • The Condition of the Local People

    The population aging in Taiwan is so fast that this district lost the energy long time ago forthe lack of the young. Therefore, how to vitalize a district becomes the challenge which the architects face.

    Old BuildingsLife


    Main Group Care

    Taipei City Far

    Target Group Enjoy


    Active Community

    JoinTrees Birds No Noise



    Work All Day


    When will my grand-child comeback?

    The two trees are terrific, under which I like to read very much.

    Lets go tothe naturalpark for a walk.

    Its not very conve-nient to go green grocery shopping.

    So many cars at this place! Its unsafe for children to play here.

    Classes are over. What do you like to do for fun?

    Site Analysis


    City Ce

    nter 15


    Natural Park

    No facilities

    Lack of commuication

    Lack of space


    T h e h e a v y traffic cuts off the connection b e t w e e n t h e two re s idet ia l buildings.

    The surrounding public facilities a r e d e f i c i e n t and cant furnish rich life for those residents.

    I t s e a s y f o r residents to go o u t b e c a u s e there are plenty of bus stops and tax stops around here.

    31 32

  • Concept

    The traditional residence only keeps the basic life functional blocks and lacks the creation of the comfortable living environment and at the same time ignores peoples spiritual need.

    Regroup the functional blocks, adding shared space and green plant space.Each one can carry out the regrouping as per his or her requirements.

    T h e c o m m u n i c a t i o n s p a c e o f every floor centers on the dining room. Each family possesses several personal gardens, of which some are connected by the staircase.

    Operation Rules

    Circulation Of Life


    S e l e c t 2 4 c m * 2 4 c m uniform grids and 3*3 as a unit to act as the boundary between each storey for the limit of green landscape.

    step2 S o m e c e n t e r p a r t s o f e a c h s t o r e y a r e h o l l o w e d o u t t o solve the lighting and ventilation issues.


    The kitchens of each center on the shared space. There are 4 or 5 families, and the kitchens and restrooms are evenly distributed.


    According to the plan layout, several flexible rooms a re se t up in each floor , of which the number is over five.


    S o m e p a r t s a r e c o n n e c t e d b y t h e staircase.The terrace of each house accounts for 35% of the whole space.

    sleeping together

    take care problem

    children safety

    learning space

    own room

    outer space

    communication space


    old safety

    Baby can live with the parents in this house, and only basic life functions are needed.

    As the children grow up, they need different spaces, and the rental houses increase.

    After they become adults, private space is needed, and the parents need to be looked after.

    Typical Floor

    TypologyFlexible Room Bathroom Kitchen


    The Second Floor

    The fourth Floor The Fifth Floor The Sixth Floor The Seventh Floor The eighth Floor The ninth Floor

    The Third Floor The fourth Floor The Fifth Floor The Sixth Floor The Second Floor

    North North North North South


    0 1 5

    33 34

  • 35 36

  • Ground Floor





    Fishing Reading Room

    The mobility and openness of the ground floor space are able to promote the interactions with the surrounding environment and enhance the vigor of the whole building . The reading space makes use of the two old trees in the construction site; fishing and cinema spaces stem from the local life, and the planting and market spaces are designed to satisfy the local peoples requirements

    37 38

  • Final Model


    2.Whole view


    4.Detailed view



    4 4 4 4


    2 2

    39 40

  • Complementary Work



    AutumnMonthly Diurnal Averages -Kashi,CHN Winter



    1965 1981 1995 2011

    The Community Center of Kashi Ancient Architecture Measurement

    41 12

  • Small House Design

    Academic/2012Individual WorkInstructor: Duan Degang

    2013 UACA&ICDC

    Competition/2013Instructor:Chen JingPartner:Niu Jing, Chen XianyiMy role:Concept, Drawing

    9th University Entity Space Building

    Competition/2012Instructor:Li LiminPartner:Han Yang,He XiaoMy Role:Concept,Model

    2014 UACA&ICDCCompetition/2014Instructor:Chen JingPartner:Liu Yang, Zhang XiMy Role:Concept,Photoshop

    M o u n t a i n L o d g e DesignAcademic/2012Individual WorkInstructor: Duan Degang


    Academic/2012Individual WorkInstructor: Duan Degang

    Complementary Work

    43 44

  • Resume





    Intern Experiences

    Xi an University of Architecture and Technology (Xi an, China)

    Bachelor of Architecture (expected)

    China Southwest Architectural Design and Research Institute Co. Ltd.

    The Eighth Design Institute (Chengdu, China)

    2015 TKU/JWU Taipei Tokyo Housing Workshop (Taiwan, China)

    One of 72 members from six universities

    Urbanism and Architecture Competition (nation-wide)

    One of three team members

    The 9th University Entity Space Building Competition in Shaanxi Province

    One of six team members

    Building Waldorf Kindergarten (Xi an, China)

    2nd Class Scholarship and Excellent Student at College of Architecture

    3rd Class Scholarship at College of...


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