The Truth about Wedding Rings and Wedding Ring Dermatitis

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Wearing wedding rings and other jewelry may sometimes cause irritations and allergic reactions. The ring itself it not to be blamed for this but rather one of its content called nickel. Nickel is being used by jewelers to harden their products. The problem would arise when you do not know that you are very sensitive to nickel. The Truth about Wedding Rings and Wedding Ring Dermatitis

The wedding ring dermatitis is another form of nickel contact dermatitis that could be gained from prolonged exposure to nickel. Additionally, the disease can also arise from wearing wedding rings 24/7/365, thus giving no room for the skin beneath the ring to breathe.Wedding ring dermatitis

Nickel allergy is commonly caused by even the minute amounts of nickel particles coming into direct contact to the skin, which was predisposed with sensitivity to the particle. There are other kinds of this allergy but the most common to married women is the wedding ring dermatitis. This disease has been proven to be treatable though you might think twice before wearing any jewelry with nickel content. Nickel allergy

The wedding ring dermatitis is not so different with other allergic reactions; once you are allergic to nickel, you will always be allergic to it. The best way to determine if you are sensitive to nickel and prone to wedding ring dermatitis is to undergo an allergen test in your local hospital.Undergo an allergen test

As with any form of irritants, the longer you are exposed to the irritant or wearing your wedding ring the higher the risk of developing wedding ring dermatitis. Another factor that might contribute to wedding ring dermatitis is the existence of a pre-determined eczema or atopic dermatitis condition.Eczema or atopic dermatitis condition

On the other hand, you should not fret upon reading this information because there are several measures that serves as necessary precautions for wedding ring dermatitis. You can apply a mild topical steroid on the area of the finger wearing the wedding ring. However, there is a caveat that steroids are known to thin the skin when used continuously. Caveat that steroids

Another precaution you can practice is applying a coat of nail polish underneath the wedding ring. This method can test your patience since nail polish periodically flakes off. Always keep the skin on your ring finger dry and occasionally place your hands into a sink full of water.Ring finger dry

If you have practiced the necessary precautions for wedding ring dermatitis but still developed inflammation on the skin, maybe it is necessary for you to avoid wearing the wedding ring at all and opt for something skin-friendly. The application of medications for wedding ring dermatitis, as with all kinds of contact dermatitis depends on the severity of the disease. A 1% hydrocortisone topical lotion applied directly on the inflamed skin can help relieve the itchiness, redness, scaling and swelling. Treating Wedding Ring Dermatitis

This product is available over-the-counter and can be in the form of either ointment or cream. However, for sever cases of disease it is necessary to seek professional help. The physician will recommend a stronger steroid medicine to apply on the affected area and it can also be given as an injection. Over-the-counter

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