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  1. 1. How One Band Can Affect Your Outlook On MusicBy: Julianne Doetterl
  2. 2. The Tragically Hip The Tragically Hip, also known as The Hip, are a Canadian rock band from Kingston, Ontario.
  3. 3. Their Music and StyleFunArtistic
  4. 4. Some Negative Reviews While the setlist was fairly energetic througout it was clear from the start Gord is disconnected from the songs. No presence in the delivery. Generally the delivery consisted with yelling or spoken word like a banshee and lack of time. the result impossible for the crowd to sing along and no atmosphere around the songs that most fans love because of the mood they created.I think the exact opposite!
  5. 5. Some Popular Songs Bobcaygeon New Orleans Is Sinking At Transformation Wheat Kings Grace, Too
  6. 6. Morning Moon
  7. 7. New Orleans Is Sinking
  8. 8. Yer Not The Ocean
  9. 9. Wheat Kings
  10. 10. Their Effect On Me Listen to them all the time due to so much variety. Broadened my musical taste and opened my eyes to different genres of music. Helped me decipher good music from bad music; a.k.a. mainstream music.
  11. 11. Other Bands I Have Started Listening To Our Lady Peace Neil Young Smashing PumpkinsI owe it all to The Tragically Hip!
  12. 12. Everybody Flips For The Hip!