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  • 1. The Top Six Most Popular Wedding Websites

2. Because of technology nowadays, it is possible forpeople who are about to get married to spreadinformation about their weddings over the web througha created website. Now these popular wedding websitesmay be utilized in order to create a website as thesesites would have templates that the maker can choosefrom. All he would have to do would be to choose thetemplate that would want then he would just have to fillin the content. 3. The first up on the list would be Wedbuddy and is themost widely used one of all. The great thing about thisone is that it has all of the features that one would needwhen making a site and it even has really nice designs tochoose from. The features would include a picturegallery, an invitation creator, and of the course the webpages. 4. Another really good site that one may use isWeddingwindow and also has an audio uploader as wellas a photo uploader so that one can listen to a songwhile viewing the pictures. What makes this sitedifferent from the rest is that it has a feature whereinone can manage his eats during the ceremony. Basically,he can put the names of guests in certain seats. 5. Glosite is known to be an extremely good site for thosewho are rather creative because of some of the features.Basically, one can actually choose from a list ofanimations that he can use for some of the content. Thissite heavily makes use of Flash animation and somemoving cartoons that would actually please the peoplewho are looking at the site. 6. Ewedding is a very simple site builder that wouldactually resemble a blog type and is good for those wholike simple designs. Basically, this would provide thebasics that any blog or website would offer like a photosportion, an update page, a title page, and an audiouploader. What makes this one unique is that the site isuser friendly and extremely easy for beginners to use. 7. Now for the social networking people, there is a sitenamed Myevent that may help one spread his weddinginformation to almost all popular social networking siteson the net. This site may easily be linked to Facebook,Youtube, and even Twitter. Another thing that makesthis site unique is that one may create polls or otherinteractive things for the visitors. 8. Now there is one site that is interesting because it canbe accessed by logging into a Facebook account.Weduary is the site wherein the features may beaccessed by using a Facebook account. One may RSVPfor a wedding event by using his Facebook account onthis website. 9. So for those who would need a web page builder fortheir upcoming weddings, then check out these sites.These are some of the most popular wedding websitesall over the net and some of the best with regard toquality. For hosting, the fee for domain hosting is alsonot very expensive. 10.