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    The Time Ive Loved You: Episode 4 by HeadsNo2 | July 7, 2015 | 119 Comments

    It just takes one conversation about Won and Hanas true feelings to throw

    everything into flux, making us wonder whether our two besties remain so because

    theyre both equally afraid of what lies beyond. Life around them may change and so

    may the people theyre with, but all those things can be made bearable when youve

    got that one dependable constant on your side, always waiting with fresh alcohol in

    one hand to drown your sorrows and a tissue in the other to wipe away your drool

    and/or jjajangmyeon sauce. Youd have to be crazy to give that sort of relationship

    up right?


    Take (Rainy Day) [ Download ]


    As Hana looks up at Won, she thinks, Thats right, its okay. Whenever I face

    suffering in life, I have a precious friend who is always there for me.

    That precious friend buys her favorite snacks and beer before joining her in her room,

    after Hanas washed away her streaked makeup and dried off. When I was twenty-

    four years old, she muses, I thought a thirty-four-year-old woman was not a


    Now that shes that woman, she wonders why she once thought that shed

    experience emotions like happiness and sadness differently, only to find out that its

    the same no matter the age.

    Won just shakes his head. Sung-jae couldve hit the jackpot with Hana, but he

    messed it all up. When Hana doesnt believe him, Won defends what he said:

    Youre capable, pretty, kind, smart, and cute. Hell never meet someone like you


  • Shes too keen on celebrating her pity party to take his compliments seriously, and

    just sniffs like a lost puppy when Won sits next to her and puts his hand to her

    forehead. If she gets sick from being caught out in the rain, he warns, then

    shell really be a hopeless ajumma.

    Hana just sighs that she already got dumped by a kid she fell for, so she really would

    be overreacting if she were to get sick on top of all that. She cant tell if shes more

    frustrated with Sung-jae or herself, but its just too sad for her to bear.

    A tear rolls down her cheek, and Won tsks at her as he wipes it away with his thumb.

    Hes let her wallow in self-pity long enough, now its time for a bit of friendly tough

    love, and high time for her to act her age and stop cosplaying as a tragic heroine.

    Taking a dig at her age works at getting Hana up and going, if only so that she can

    get in some quips about his advanced years too. The two decide to stay up all night

    drinking, and the ensuing quick cuts run the gamut from being emotionally stirring to

    downright hilarious.

    Its a night of drinking everyone will have sometime in their life, when you go from

    laughing one minute to crying the next. At one point in the night Hana starts sobbing

    and walking toward the window, crying that she has to go to the beach. Won stops

    her, but cant keep from laughing. I love them. Love, love, love.

    They find themselves in bed the next morning, with Hana sleeping on Wons arm.

    Won wakes up first and stares at Hanas sleeping face before he traces the line of

    her brow with a smile.

  • But when she stirs, he immediately pretends to be asleep. He acts like

    hes juuust waking up when Hana does, and tells her to get off his arm. Hah.

    Hanas sort of out of it the whole ride home, acting awkward with Won ever since she

    woke up next to him. Won has to practically remind her how to walk lest she just

    forget and fall flat on her face. Her change in demeanor doesnt go unnoticed by little

    bro Dae-bok when she returns home.

    Her paranoia is only further compounded when she remembers a conversation she

    had with Won the night before while they lied on the bed. Theyd discussed what

    they thought about love with her head resting on his stomach, only to find out that

    their opinions differed: Hana believes love is about compromise and sacrifice, but

    Won believes its about loving the other person just the way they are.

    The only person who likes me for who I am is you, but you dont see me as a

    woman, Hana confessed. Youre the one who doesnt see me as a man, Won had


    Curious then, Hana had peered up at him and asked, Have you ever thought of me

    as a woman? Won looked down at her then, his expression almost pained, but

    either she doesnt remember what he said or we dont get to hear it. Shes mortified

    that the conversation ever took place.

  • Mi-hyang has an inexplicable dream about a pig, and wonders if its a sign that

    money could be headed her way. But she ends up resuscitating an old woman who

    passes out in the bathroom instead. Im sure theyre trying to sell me something here,

    I just dont know what it is.

    After freaking out her mom by uncharacteristically cleaning her room, Hana goes out

    for a sponsored bike ride and ends up crashing when her thoughts drift to waking up

    in bed next to Won. She goes home with a cast over her wrist.

    Won cant stop thinking about that morning either, and is so distracted that he fails to

    notice hes smeared cappuccino foam all over his mouth. It gives his coworkers a

    chance to mention the infamous cappuccino kiss from Secret Garden, which Ha Ji-

    won was on the receiving end of.

    So-eun calls him out on leaving suddenly the night before, and Won explains that he

    had to go because Hana needed him. Naturally, she asks if hed drop everything and

    go to her if she were to call him in the middle of the night like that.

    Won takes a moment before he explains that Hana is like family to him. So youre

    saying that Hana Unni is a friend whos like family, and Im your girlfriend, right?

  • When Won doesnt respond, she adds onto the manipulation by saying shell think

    positively, since thats a trait he likes about her. Grah, shes annoying.

    Hanas parents wonder about their daughters odd behavior until Dae-bok sits them

    down for some earth-shattering news: Won and Hana spent the night together. He

    claims the business trip was a lie, and that he saw the two this morning looking like

    newlyweds after their first night together.

    Mom and Dads reactions are subdued and a little disbelieving, but since theyre for

    their daughter dating Won, Mom suggests that the three of them go on a vacation to

    leave Hana and Won all alone together.

    Hana gets called out by one of her old high school buddies to celebrate her

    engagement. Na-youngs also in attendance, and when relationships come up, she

    asks Hana whether she and Won ever had any skinship momentstheyve been

    together for seventeen years, after all.

    But Hana adamantly claims they never did any such thing, and that shes even seen

    Won naked from the waist up (multiple times!) without feeling a thing. Na-young says

    maybe she felt nothing, but would Won feel differently if the tables were turned?

    Flash back to their high school days, when Won had pointed out the fact that Hana

    was drooling all over her desk. Shed wiped her mouth and gone back to sleep, and

    in the present, Hana smiles that theyve always been like that.

  • But her friend cautions her that the same actions she thought nothing of before could

    take on a different meaning in the future, causing Hana to fret about last nights

    pillow talk with Won.

    Won thinks Hanas ignoring his messages when in reality shes just dropped her

    phone in the toilet, making him worry that shes gotten so uncomfortable about the

    night before that shes purposefully avoiding him.

    Hana returns to work the next day and imagines that she sees an encouraging note

    from Sung-jae, when he hasnt even shown up for work yet. She has to sit through a

    meeting where Director Byun takes all the credit for Actress Gu showing up to the

    red carpet in their shoes, rocketing them to the top of the search engines.

    But Hana doesnt let him get away with it totally unscathed, and uses the opportunity

    to back him into a corner so hell support an initiative of her teams to break into the

    Chinese market. At least her team members appreciate and support her.

    And when called upon to be the bigger person, Hana proves her worth by giving

    Sung-jaes resume to Director Byun and vouching for him. Because of her talking

    him up, hell get a full-time position in one of their branch offices in China.

  • Its raining outside again, and once more Hana finds a strange umbrella over her

    head. A remorseful Sung-jae holds it as he thanks her for the recommendation.

    She remains professional and cites that she based her decision on his merits alone,

    though she cautions him to use his abilities to read womens hearts in a more

    constructive way for the future. Then, proving shes learned, she pulls out her own

    damn umbrella.

    Because you fell for me, I really thought of being your protector, Sung-jae calls

    after her. She keeps walking, and he follows her a ways before he just watches her

    go. Youre a much better person than I thought you were, he adds quietly.

    As she leaves, Hana thinks to herself that the truth can be a comforting salve as

    much as it can be the knife that opens up old wounds. In her case, shell use Sung-

    jaes sincerity to patch her wounds while she waits for new skin to grow. Time heals