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Take the FOMO test from The Test Book and find out if you're addicted to social media. Find out more about The Test Book: Join us on Twitter: @profilebooks #TheTestBook


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    University of Essex developed a questionnaire in order to investi-gate this phenomenon: they call it FoMO (Fear of Missing Out).

    HOW ITS EVALUATEDForty per cent of all 35-year-olds suffer from FoMO; men more frequently than women, and adolescents more frequently than adults. If you take your childs smartphone away, even if it is only for a few hours, its very likely that s/he will have this feeling. We know it ourselves: when were in a bad mood or lonely, bored or stressed, we click around on Facebook. This simply reinforces our feeling of having missed out on something. Its a vicious circle.

    Psychologists call it addiction when we open an app more than sixty times a day, or when we check our smartphone on waking up or just before going to sleep.

    WHAT ITS ABOUTOn social media, we all show ourselves from our best side and see the best side of others. We post photos of perfectly prepared meals, perfect holidays, perfect parties, and perfect children. And because of this, our online selves are far removed from our offline selves. The gap between what were really like and how we behave on the Internet is big enough for an ocean liner to sail through. Psychologists believe that the problem lies in the perceived happiness of others that makes us doubt our own happi-ness. With every click, we can see our friends at a party and were stuck at home. Our friends are in a happy relationship and successful at their jobs and were not. Face-book makes the lonely visible.

    THE TESTA team of psychologists from the

    Am I addicted to social media?


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    Short FoMO test:

    1. I check my phone just before I go to sleep and when I wake up. yes no

    2. I have the feeling others are leading a better and more exciting life than me. yes no

    3. Even when Im on holiday I read my emails but dont answer, so that nobody thinks Im checking my emails while Im away. yes no

    4. I check for updates (email, Messenger, Facebook etc.) more than four times an hour. yes no

    5. In a restaurant, I check my phone when my companion goes to the toilet. yes no

    6. I often have the feeling Ive missed out when I see or hear about what others have been doing. yes no

    7. When Im having a good time or do something exciting its important for me to share the details online. yes no

    8. When Im on holiday, I continue to keep tabs on what my friends are doing. yes no

    How often did you choose yes?

    0 to 3 times: no FoMO.4 to 5 times: more FoMO than the average person.6 to 8 times: heavy FoMO.

    You can do the Andy Przybylskis FoMO test here:

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