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The Tell-Tale Heart Thesis By Mariah Neuhauser Can Edgar Allen Poe keep his readers in suspense in The Tell-Tale Heart? Why, yes he can. His use of time throughout the story, repetitive words, and first-person narration all play a part in this excellent literary selection. He uses phrases like slowly very, very slowly, and I threw the lantern and leaped into the room, to add emphasis to the certain situations depicted in the story. It also adds suspense and horror as well. It makes you feel as if you are at the scene of the crime. Cautiously cautiously and louder, louder accentuate the points that he wants to make. It adds depth and flow to his story, making the situation feel like reality. It makes you feel as if you are actually included in the setting; a secondary character, playing the part of one of his invisible, yet important, protagonists; we see all, yet we have the ability to do nothing. Phrases like, And why will you say that I am mad, are used because he wants us to feel as if we are witnessing the murder; as if he is talking to us. He wants us to get the feel of what a murderer thinks and how he thinks. He makes us ponder what he wants us to contemplate; we have no control over how he grasps our minds with his peculiar use of words and phrases. It scares me to believe that this could actually be reality from a murderers perspective. Edgar Allen Poe may think like a nutcase, but to me, he is a literary genius. He gives a whole new meaning to writing. After reading The Tell-Tale Heart, I would absolutely love to read more of his work; the style of writing is phenomenal, strange, intriguing, and grotesque and I love it! He writes in a manner and perspective that is unheard of. His stories and poems make you think to yourself, Now, why didnt I think of that? The Tell-Tale Heart captures our minds and reveals the true talents of Edgar Allen Poe.