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  • 1. The Tell-Tale Heart
    By Edgar Allan Poe
    You will learn about:The author, vocabulary, comprehension, and mood/atmosphere.You will be graded through:- A worksheet - A group poem - A vocabulary quiz- Summarizing using adjectives
  • 2. Edgar Allan Poe Who was he??
    Please read the following.
    Find 5 things as a group that you feel are interesting.
    Do you think he was a Christian? Why or why not?
  • 3. Mood and Atmosphere
    Think about your favorite movie. What creates the mood of a scene?
    What creates the mood in a story?
    After understanding who E A P is, what kind of mood do you think this story will have?
  • 4. Vocabulary
    1. Acute
    2. Dissimulation
    3. Profound
    4. Sagacity
    5. Crevice
    6. Suavity
    7. Gesticulations
    8. derision
  • 5. The Tell-Tale Heart
    While the movie is being played, make sure you follow along in your book.
  • 6. Assignment
    You will create an acrostic poem or a comic strip on this story as a group.