The Syrian Refugee Catastrophe

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The Syrian Refugee CatastropheApril 2, 2016 sarabiany.com2death is a risk I was willing to take so I could live.Photo: Yannis Behrakis/ReutersCover Photo: sarabiany.comhttp://sarabiany.com3of Syrias population has been displaced since 20111/24As if 160 million Americans had to flee their homes past 5 years5160 Katrinas,812,851UNHCR registered refugeesAs of March 16 2016: million Internally DisplacedMarch 2016: Photo: sarabiany.com million Internally DisplacedPhoto: sarabiany.comMarch 2016: has become a country of poor people, with an estimated 4 in every 5 Syrians now living in poverty. UN Report 2015 expectancy has shrunk from 76 to 56 years oldUN Report 2015"has become the biggest humanitarian emergency of our era, yet the world is failing to meet the needs of refugees and the countries hosting them. - Antnio Guterres, the UN High Commissioner for RefugeesAugust 2014 is not a natural disaster. This catastrophe is manmade.1345+ years of Assad family rule1445+years of Assad family rule absolute power sectarian, regional & business networks police state utter brutality, exemplified by Hama 82 massacre no independent civil society hand-off from father to son in 200015March 2011: The people wantPhoto: Daraa March 201116Photo: Homs, April 18, 2011The people want17The people wantPhoto: Homs, April 24 201118Photo: Baniyas, May, 2011 people want Hama, July 22, 2011.APThe people want20Photo: Damascus, 2012The people want21Photo: Damascus, 2012The people want22Photo: Jobar, Damascus, 2012The people want23We will sit here. We call it a fight until the endThey should know when we suffer, we will not suffer alone. - Rami Makhlouf, May 2011 NY Times or we burn the country The war in Syria was started to crush dissent. 2526Mass detention & 'industrial scale' killing of detaineesA painting for Abdulla Omari called Detainee 2012-13, the fear of rape was the #1 reason Syrians fled the country. bombardment30Broken red lines, chemical weapons attacks until SubmissionPhoto: Reuters, Yarmouk, 2014 32Rebels & revolutionariesAssad regime & alliesKurdish groupsJabhat-Nusra (AQ)ISIS123455 Key Groupings33470,000 killed in 5+ YearsFebruary 2016: Syrian Centre for Policy Research34353637383940The ISIS advance in late 2014 added to an already desperate situationPhoto Reuters: intervention in the fall resulted in another spike of displaced SyriansPhotograph: Ghaith Omran/AFP/Getty Images sectarian massacres + rape campaignsAir bombardmentISIS advanceRussian interventionEuropean exodus44The catastrophe didnt make international headlines45Until46image of refugees in europe47Worst catastrophe since WW248Migrant is not a Refugee49935,008asylum seekers in Europe has been the response in North America?51" accepting 25,000 Syrian refugees does right by both the safety of Canadians and by the values that define us as a nation." refugees admitted to the US since 20113,054military aged males who are unattached to families2%Source: U.S. State Department Refugee Processing Center Custom Report:, in the US September, due to public pressure Obama increased the quota to 10k Syrians in 2016 (out of 85k) Photo: sarabiany.comhttp://sarabiany.com54Ten thousand is not even close to being commensurate with the massive scale of the Syrian refugee crisis, nor in line with this countrys historic global leadership in refugee resettlement" David Miliband, president and CEO Season Refugees 56One of the goals of the ISIS Paris attacks was to provide cover for a bigoted response in Europe & the US towards vulnerable populations fleeing both the regime & ISIS. A fake Syrian passport was found lying nearby, left by the attackers.,d.eWE57Bush suggested a religious test for Syrian refugees to ensure that Muslims are kept out58Carsoncompared refugees to 'rabid' dogs59Cruz supported Governor rebellion to allow states to ban refugees60Trump said he would deport the refugees already here & ban Muslims 61Rubio said we cant accept them and adjusted based on political rhetoric62Christie insisted that the U.S. not even accept 5-year-old orphans636465666768Even when arriving in the US, life is difficult. resettlement support assimilation language commuting schools work daily supplies social network69Where are we today?70Where are we today?"We will not allow our assistance to be instrumentalized for a mass expulsion operation, and we refuse to be part of a system that has no regard for the humanitarian or protection needs of asylum seekers and migrants MSF on EU PlanPhoto by Alexander Koerner/Getty Images are we today?The US is lagging well behind the goal to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees by end of fiscal year October, and has only accepted ~1,200 in the past 6 monthsPhoto by Kevin Lamarque/Reuters whole generation is growing up in the camps of exile these children whove lost a father to shelling, a friends brother to bullets, a sisters husband to torture. When they grow up and realize that life is more than a refugee camp, that it isnt natural to lose everything to tyranny this generation will bear a culture of revenge and anger, and a permanent sense of injustice. - Activist Aziz Asaad, Guardian volunteer advocate educate@sarabiany sarabiany.comPhoto: sarabiany.comhttp://sarabiany.com