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The SwastikaIt is interesting that the cross type crop formation has been called a counterclockwise swastika. The swastika is formed by four "builder glyphs," the "L" shaped tools used by masons, carpenters, and other craftsmen, also called a two-sided square. The builder glyph is the shape of most of the Judgment Seats shown in ancient Egyptian depictions, such as this one fromThe Sacred Symbols of Mu:

The Great Hall of Truth or Judgment Seat of Osiris. Left toRight: Osiris in judgment chair. A leopard skin, his banner.Four genii over closed lotus flower, symbol of Mu. Great beastof Amenti. Thoth with Ibis head recording history of the deceased.Anubis with jackal's head and Horus with hawk's head weighingthe heart in pair of scales against a feather. The deceased, handsaloft exposing his heart, being led into the Hall of Truth by afeather and being received by Maat, goddess of Truth. Thebitch sits on top of the balance scale...the accuser . . . later calledSatan by the Christian church.From the Egyptian "Book of the Dead".

Dee explained this in her article:MY FATHER COMES TO VISIT

The swastika is one of the subjects in thePollen Patharticles. Another type of swastika is formed by four horns (upper, left image).



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