the south (“dixieland”). physical geography: dominant landform: atlantic coastal plain (flat...

Download The South (“Dixieland”). Physical Geography: Dominant Landform: Atlantic Coastal Plain (flat topography) Climate: Humid Subtropical The Sunbelt Alluvial

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  • The South (Dixieland)

  • Physical Geography:Dominant Landform:Atlantic Coastal Plain (flat topography)Climate:Humid SubtropicalThe Sunbelt Alluvial Soils b/c offloods from Mississippi R. & its tributaries Natural Boundary betw. U.S. & Mexico:the Rio Grande River

  • Cultural Geography

    ____% of the Amer. pop. lives here MOST of all U.S. regionsSouthern History British colonists & African slavesPlantation agriculture Civil War Racial DemographicsLargest minority group =African-Amers. Hispanic (TX & FL) Cajun (French Canadian) (southern LA) 30

  • Economic Geography Primary Industries:Ag. has declined (
  • __________labor has fueled a transition toModern Industries:Secondary Industries:Foreign automobile production plantsTertiary & Quaternary Industries:Biotechnology, I.T., Finance, & Fortune 500 Companies Research Triangle Park (NC)Virginia BioTechnology Research Park (VA)Cummings Research Park (AL)Other type of industry:Tourism (FL) EDUCATED

  • South = #1 region for recent migration (West = #2)Retirement Job opportunities Economic Attraction of the South1) Lower labor costs (low cost of living)2) Transportation accessInterstate Hwy. SystemAtlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport3) Inexpensive land 4) Low corporate taxes