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#1 A solution was made mixing 2 g of ice tea mix and water. What part of the solution is the water?. The solute. The solvent. A:. B:. The mixture. The mass. C:. D:. The solvent B. The solvent. #2 Which of the following is a pure substance?. steel. solder. A:. B:. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • A:B:The soluteThe solventC:D:The mixtureThe mass

  • A:B:steelsolderC:D:Sodium chloridemilk

  • C. Sodium Chloride

  • A:B:15 grams5 gramsC:D:10 gramsNot enough information

  • 15 grams

  • A:B: 100 grams 4 gramsC:D:2.2 grams 9 grams

  • B. 4 grams

  • A:B:The solution would betransparentIt would be thickC:D:Add more salt and it would dissolveThey could see salt at the bottom of the tube

  • D. They could see salt at the bottom of the tube.

  • A:B:Heat itFreeze it and mass itC:D:See how much dissolves in the solvent before it is saturated.Filter it and measurethe filtrate.

  • See how much dissolves in the solvent before it is saturated.(This would be approximate.)

  • A:B:The ink is insoluble in water.The process was notdone correctly.C:D:It is made of only oneSubstance.The dot was too large.

  • A. The ink is insoluble in water.

  • A:B:Two did not reactAll markers have at least one of the same dyes in them.C:D:Two disappeared fromthe paper completely.One small part of the chromatogram of 2 inks looked the same.

  • One smallpart of the 2 chromatogramslooked the same.

  • A:B:The temperature falls, more water freezes. Temperature rises, ice melts.C:D:Temperature falls, ice melts.Temperature stays thesame, ice melts.

  • C. Temperature falls and ice melts.

  • A:B:101 F100 CC:D:200 C104 C

  • D. 104 C

  • A:B:Water evaporatesWater dissolvesC:D:Water driesSalt disappears

  • Waterevaporates

  • A:B:Obvious mixturesAll solutesC:D:Cloudy liquidsSolutions

  • D. Solutions

  • A:B:FiltrateResidueC:D:SolutionSolute

  • B. Residue

  • A:B:It looks like white sugar.It is a white crystalline solid that is soluble in water and non-magneticC:D:It is crystalsIt looks like either sugar or salt because it is white and solid.

  • B. It is a white crystalline solid that is soluble in water and non-magnetic

  • A:B:Melting/freezing pointDensityC:D:MassSolubility

  • C.MASS!!!!

  • Great Job!!!!Thank you for playing!


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