The Six Wives of Henry VIII

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The Six Wives of Henry VIII. BHS World History Ms. Justice | Mr. Demianiw | Mrs. Koble. Henry VIII. When he was young, he was considered attractive and charismatic E xcelled at jousting, hunting, wrestling, and tennis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The Six Wives of Henry VIII

The Six Wives of Henry VIIIBHS World HistoryMs. Justice | Mr. Demianiw | Mrs. Koble

When he was young, he was considered attractive and charismaticExcelled at jousting, hunting, wrestling, and tennisWrote music and poetryReally wanted a son because he believed a woman could not be a successful ruler of England Later in life, he became morbidly obese (54 inch waist) and his health sufferedHenry VIII

Very religious and kind; a devoted wifeMarried Henry in 1509 (he was 18 and she was 23)After 20 years of marriage only had 1 daughter: MaryHenry divorced her in 1532 because she could not give him a son (and because he was having an affair with someone else, whom he wanted to marry)Catherine of Aragon

Young and beautiful; loved partiesHenry married her immediately after his first marriage was annulled in 1533 (he was 41, she was 31)Only had 1 daughter: ElizabethHenry charged Anne with treason because she was accused of cheating on himShe was beheaded in 1536Anne Boleyn

Gentle, calm, and quietMarried 11 days after Anne was beheaded in 1536 (he was 44, she was 26)Gave birth to a son in 1537: EdwardShe died 12 days laterHenrys favorite wife (because she gave him a son)

Jane Seymour

German duchess Married Henry in 1540 to form an alliance between England and GermanyHenry agreed to marry her after seeing a painting of her (he was 48, she was 24)When Henry saw her he said she looked like a horse!He divorced her because she was not attractive (in his opinion), and because he had already fallen in love with someone elseThey remained friends for the rest of his lifeAnne of Cleves

Anne Boleyns cousinYoung and beautiful; loved partiesShe was 19, Henry was 50 when they married in 1540She cheated on Henry (a lot)He beheaded her in 1542Kathryn Howard

Companion and nurse to Henry in his old ageMarried Henry in 1544 (he was 52, she was 37)She re-united Henry with his 3 childrenHenry died in 1547 (age 55)Katherine outlived himKatherine Parr