The Single Reason Why 2016 is Going To Be Your Best Year Yet!

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Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

If you have a pulse Im pretty sure that you would have heard this quote more than once and even though I may not know you personally I think I could also be sure that you are falling foul to this insanity just as much as I am?!

We do the things we dont want to do and just dont seem capable of doing the things which we know are right or profitable for us.

Ive lost count of how many times I have said to myself I musnt forget to eat a healthy meal at lunchtime otherwise I know I get to mid-afternoon and reach out for crap that will give instant gratification that really does my body no good at all!

Every year I say to myself I must master my productivity and move through things faster than I currently am and every year I still find myself forgetting to turn my email off and surfing mindlessly on social media.

Its so frustrating! And thats one of the main reasons I always have a coach, by the way accountability is priceless.

Einstein knew back in the 19th Century that our brains are habit creating machines. Your brain wants to find routines that have succeeded in the past for you and allow you to repeat those actions again in the future without having to think about them.

Most of us set goals at this time of year to stop a bad habit.

Unfortunately, the brain mechanisms that develop habits cant learn not to do something. No matter how many times you successfully avoid checking your email, your habit learning system will still nudge you to check it again when you are in the situation where you normally check your email. So, negative goals are doomed for failure, because they dont create a desirable set of habits. And that pretty much sums up Einsteins definition of insanity.


Put some time and effort into creating positive goals. You may need to change your environment or the way in which you work. Perhaps you can create a place where you are around people who are where you want to be? I know its a hassle but its a better option of repeating the same old s**t this year!

In order to assist business owners just like you I have created a series of mastermind meetings that will offer support, encouragement, accountability and propel you towards your goals.

If you dont want the same results this year and know you are ready to take your business up a level then I seriously suggest you take a look at this link

Doing something different for 2016 is a must for us all and will make all the difference. Lets make it your best year together.