The Significance of the Red River Settlement. Introduction What do you remember about the Rebellions of 1837-1838? What do you remember about the Rebellions.

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  • The Significance of the Red River Settlement

  • IntroductionWhat do you remember about the Rebellions of 1837-1838?In the first 18 years of Canadas existence there were two more uprisings took place. The first was in Red River, which is present day Manitoba.

  • The Purchase of Ruperts Land (pg. 78)Answer Key Canada West wanted control of Ruperts Land. Why? (Read pg. 78)

    What happened in 1869?How much did Canada pay for it?

    Who did John A. MacDonald appoint to take control of the region?

  • The Purchase of Ruperts Land (pg. 78) Student Activity Canada West wanted control of Ruperts Land. Why? (Read pg. 78)-It had economic potentialWhat happened in 1869?-HBC agreed to sell Ruperts Land to thegovernment of CanadaHow much did Canada pay for it?-$1 500 000Who did John A. MacDonald appoint to take control of the region?-William McDougall

  • Put yourself in the shoes of a Mtis resident living in the Red River area.In the space provided in your worksheet. Make a list of all the concerns you have over the government of Canada moving into your territory. Activity (still pg. 78)

  • Using the list of concerns you just made about the government of Canada taking over your land, write a letter to Sir John A. MacDonald. In an attempt to convince him not to send William McDougall to take over, explain your position using examples outlined in the text.Homework and Mini Assignment

  • Who is he? (5 points)Became leader of the Mtis in 1869 when he was 25 years old.Well educated.ReligiousGood SpeakerBorn in Manitoba

    The Rise of Louis Riel (pg. 79)

  • What did he do? (3 points)-organized the National Committee of theMtis of Red River.-told McDougall not to come to Red River without permission from the committee.-ordered that McDougall be escorted to the U.S, border when he came.

    The Rise of Louis Riel (pg. 79)

  • What is a provisional government?-a temporary government put in place until a permanent one is established.

    The Rise of Louis Riel (Pg. 79)

  • Read the list of Mtis Rights on pg. 80 and answer the following questions in your notebook.Do you think the demands of they listed were fair and realistic? Why or why not?Do you think the Canadian government would accept The Mtis List of Rights? Why or why not?


  • The Role of Thomas ScottWho is Thomas Scott?-Protestant from Ireland-Came to Ontario in 1863-Among the first Canadians sent to the Red River-Wanted to Canada to be successful and resist pressures from the U.S. to take over-Wanted to Canada to remain part of the British Empire

  • The Role of Thomas ScottWhy was Thomas Scott unpopular with many people?He believed that:-Roman Catholics should have few rights-Catholics should have not role in Government-He told everyone his beliefs and that the Mtis were not fit to be a part of the government.-He told Canada to ignore the Mtis and set up a government without consulting them

  • Why did Riel see Thomas Scott as a threat?-Scott was a powerful symbol of opposition to the Mtis-Scott might organize settlers from Ontario to resist the Mtis What happened to Thomas Scott?-he was arrested by Riels provisional government, found guilty of treason and executed in 1870What is treason?-an act of betrayal or disloyalty to ones country or government

    The Role of Thomas Scott

  • The Future of the Mtis What happened to Riel and the Mtis people after Thomas Scott was executed?-hostility towards Riel-government considered Riel a criminal-Riel fled to the U.S.-Riels followers went to Saskatchewan-Some Mtis stayed in the Red River-Their traditional way of life was destroyed-The Mtis adapted to a new way of life

  • Three New Provinces By the end of 1869, Canada was made up of four provinces namely Ontario, Quebec , New Brunswick , and Nova Scotia.The entry into Confederation of Manitoba (1870), British Columbia (1871),and Prince Edward Island (1873) Manitoba Act 1870

  • ManitobaThe Manitoba Act of 1870 led to the creation of the fifth Canadian province. The act was the first federal Act to recognize the importance of bilingualism.The province is very small and confined to area around Red River just over 39,000 km, (today Manitoba occupies 647 -797 km )The languages spoken are __________ and __________.There were ______________ and ___________ school paid for by the government.Only religious education was guaranteed not English or French language education. Federal Government retained control over lands and resources in ManitobaThe province was so small that it was called the postage stamp province.

  • North-West Territories1870 Britain transferred control of the North- Western Territory to Canada. The area was combined with Ruperts land to become the Northwest Territories. North-West Territories had no legislature of its own, it was governed directly by Ottawa until 1867 when a lieutenant governor and a council was appointed.In 1886, the territories had seats in the federal government .

  • British Columbia - What is the meaning of panning for gold? Discuss the debate/discussion that occurred before British Columbia could join Canada and not America in 1871.When British Columbia joined Canada, it was a long way away from the rest of Canada and the only rail link with the rest of Canada was through the U.S.How could the province trade with Ontario and Quebec in this situation?

  • Prince Edward Island In 1867, Prince Edward Island declined joining the new nations during Confederation.With your elbow partner discuss the likely implications of this decision.Think about the reasons that may lure PEI to join Canada if they ever joined, share your thought with your seating partner.

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