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"Explosions in Social Media" "When Personal & Corporate Values Merge" Gillian Muessig, the co-founder and President explores the SEOmoz B2B case study and the role of social media at OMCAR2012.


<ul><li>1.Explosions in Social MediaWhen Personal &amp; Corporate Values MergeOMCAR2012Gillian Muessig, Founding President, SEOmoz January 2012</li></ul> <p>2. The era of traditional sales is officially over 3. Did you just interrupt my SKY??!! 4.;qid=1318890746&amp;sr=8-1 5.;ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1318890891&amp;sr=1-1-catcorr 6. 7.;hl=en&amp;gbv=2&amp;biw=1013&amp;bih=637&amp;tbm=isch&amp;tbnid=42vc_CzgE7IBxM:&amp;imgrefurl=;docid=JtZGt3OVTbNfRM&amp;imgurl=;w=1428&amp;h=1419&amp;ei=ArGcTrveLqaB4gSsusjjCQ&amp;zoom=1&amp;iact=hc&amp;vpx=88&amp;vpy=160&amp;dur=69&amp;hovh=224&amp;hovw=225&amp;tx=108&amp;ty=128&amp;sig=103195842722407947764&amp;page=1&amp;tbnh=114&amp;tbnw=115&amp;start=0&amp;ndsp=17&amp;ved=1t:429,r:0,s:0 8.;hl=en&amp;gbv=2&amp;biw=1013&amp;bih=637&amp;tbm=isch&amp;tbnid=n9EnjHipZ1amoM:&amp;imgrefurl=;docid=MwBff-dP8195bM&amp;imgurl=;w=400&amp;h=267&amp;ei=WLGcTsS5Ceek4ATJ-oynCQ&amp;zoom=1&amp;iact=hc&amp;vpx=483&amp;vpy=324&amp;dur=1396&amp;hovh=183&amp;hovw=275&amp;tx=225&amp;ty=104&amp;sig=103195842722407947764&amp;page=1&amp;tbnh=125&amp;tbnw=194&amp;start=0&amp;ndsp=12&amp;ved=1t:429,r:6,s:0 9. 10. 11. Users: 50mm 750mm 200mm 120mm10mmUsers: 14mmMillions 14mm6.5mm Select Platforms 12. Target markets 13. 14. Depth + breadth of engagement = ROI 15. Target markets 16. Lets Talk about Strategy 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. The Story of Moz 24. STEADFAST 25. STEADFAST 26. GENEROSITY 27. GENEROSITY 28. 29. EXCEPTIONAL 30. AUTHENTICITY 31. 32. TENACITY 33. 34. PERSERVERANCE 35. RESULTS 36. GENEROSITY 37. No matter how much you plan, it is tenacity,unyielding desire to succeed, and the ability tocope with change that will eventually prevail..Perry Payne (born 1966), Rugby Player, Father, Executive TENACITY 38. &amp; AUTHENTICITY 39. &amp; AUTHENTICITY 40. &amp; AUTHENTICITY 41. BREEDS GENEROSITY 42. MysteryGuests Stroke of GeniusAHA! 43. GENEROSITY SQUARED 44. RESULTS 45. TRANSPARENCY &amp; COURAGE 46. RESULTS 47. TRANSPARENCY IS STICKY 48. SOCIAL CLOUT INCREASES 49. I Told You That Story,So I Could Tell You This Story 50. Our only marketing expense? Flights + hotels for conferences/eventsMore at 51. How Did You Do That? 52. News/Media/PR SEO EmailBlogs + Blogging Research/White PapersInfographicsComment Marketing Social Networks Online Video INBOUND MARKETING! Forums(AKA free traffic sources)WebinarsSocial BookmarkingWord of Mouth Direct/Referring LinksPodcastingType-In TrafficQ+A Sites 53. It all starts withContent Marketing 54. A Blog We Update Every Day 55. Viral Targeted Content 56. Viral Targeted Content 57. Viral Targeted Content 58. Graphics + Illustrations 59. A Weekly Video Series 60. Build it and theyll come?Nope. Build it, then market it. 61. Comments + Conversations 62. Social NetworksData and charts of our Facebook and Twitter account performance via 63. Social News / Bookmarking,, and have historically performed best for us, but you should test results 64. Q+A Sites / Forums 65. Conferences + Events 66. SEO 67. Email MarketingWe use/love (who now has a cool free option for early stage folks) 68. Involve a Sharing-Incented Community The brilliant strategy by made them one of the biggest players in the local restaurant business and got them acquired by IAC 69. Design Like an Award WinnerCheck out for tons of great galleries and inspiration 70. Tactical Assaults 71. LEVERAGE FUN 72. LEVERAGE FUN 73. LEVERAGE FUN 74. LEVERAGE FUN 75. WORK 76. TRANSPARENCY 77. TRANSPARENCY HAS ITS PRICE 78. EMPATHY 79. Advanced Tactics 80. AUTHENTICITY 81. PIRATE SHIPS 82. Q+A OMCAR2012 60 days to play w/Mozzers(and kick your competitors proverbial.!!) Twitter: @SEOmom Blog: Email: </p>