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The Self-Assessment Tool. Section 1: Demographics. The Range of Variables. List of Potential Variables Data Collection and Review Matching Variable(s) to Resources, Supports and Services Determine “fit” with Part C needs Volume Velocity Compatibility Eligibility Service - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • The Self-Assessment ToolSection 1: Demographics

    NECTAC/ITCA Finance Seminar

  • The Range of VariablesList of Potential VariablesData Collection and ReviewMatching Variable(s) to Resources, Supports and ServicesDetermine fit with Part C needsVolumeVelocityCompatibilityEligibilityService Philosophy/Values/Mission/Vision

    NECTAC/ITCA Finance Seminar

  • Special Populations

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  • BACKYARD ACTIVITYA Narrative Description of Our Catchment Area

    Our Strengths:The People in Our Community:Our Industry and Employment Base:Educational Opportunities:Special Considerations:Our Challenges:

    NECTAC/ITCA Finance Seminar

  • NECTAC/ITCA Finance Seminar

  • NECTAC/ITCA Finance Seminar

  • NECTAC/ITCA Finance Seminar

  • Demographic Discussion PointsWhat, if any, is the impact of a single variable upon our catchment area?What is the impact of a cluster of variables upon our catchment area?Child Find effortsEngaging materials in the right placesInforming, engaging a diversity of referral sourcesCultural diversity religious sects, populations of special consideration (teen moms, poverty)Finding and retaining qualified staffTraining and supervision to ensure cultural competencyNon-English speaking-families, children Translation/interpreter servicesHomelessnessMilitary Dependents, InstallationsMigrant, Immigrant Populations, Multinational AdoptionsPartnerships with community resourcesFamilies, children with multiple risk factors

    NECTAC/ITCA Finance Seminar


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