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  • 8/12/2019 The Secrets to High Profit Websites


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    How to Setup Your Sites For Maximum Profitability
  • 8/12/2019 The Secrets to High Profit Websites


    Table of Contents

    Chapter One: The Income StreamsPg. 3

    Chapter Two: Creating the Website...Pg. 9

    Chapter Three: Mareting......................................Pg. !"

    Chapter #o$r: Tracing..............................................................Pg. %"

    Than &o$..Pg. %'


  • 8/12/2019 The Secrets to High Profit Websites


    Chapter One: The Income Streams

    (efore )o$ act$all) start creating )o$r website* )o$ nee+ to +eci+e what income streams)o$ wo$l+ lie to tae a+,antage of. What is an income stream- It is simpl) a wa) ofgenerating mone). n+ when it comes to websites* there is no limit to the n$mber ofincome streams )o$ can ha,e. In fact* the more income streams )o$ can mae a,ailableon )o$r site the better. #or this reason this chapter will present for )o$ an e/tensi,e listof the most pop$lar income streams $se+ b) the Internet g$r$s. s )o$ rea+ thro$gh thislist tae note of the income streams that interest )o$. Then when )o$ are rea+)* mo,e toChapter Two* where )o$ can learn how to create a website a+,ertising )o$r selecte+income streams.

    !. ffiliate Mareting

    ffiliate mareting is when )o$ promote another compan)0s website in ret$rn for acommission. This commission can be generate+ in a n$mber of wa)s* tho$gh the mostcommon is when a sale or lea+ is act$all) ma+e from )o$r a+,ertising metho+s. 1esspop$lar wa)s of getting commission co$l+ be base+ on if a compan)0s 21 has recei,e+a clic* or if their a+s recei,e+ impressions* 4which are simpl) the n$mber of times an a+has been ,iewe+5. 6ither wa)* promotional metho+s wo$l+ be the same regar+less ofhow commission is generate+. This means )o$ wo$l+ either a+,ertise the 21 +irectl)or $se the 21 within a banner. In both cases the 21 wo$l+ contain special co+ing thatwo$l+ trace bac to )o$r affiliate acco$nt. This is +one so )o$ can be properl) cre+ite+ if)o$r ,isitors tae the actions that a compan) +esires.

    Most of the ma7or companies on the Internet are $sing affiliate mareting. 8owe,er* the)+o not necessaril) a+,ertise their affiliate opport$nities blatantl). Most of the time )o$0llha,e to scroll +own to the bottom of the site* where )o$0ll fin+ in smaller font ffiliateProgram*0 ffiliates0 or similar wor+ing. #or e/ample* tae a loo at the screenshotbelow of the bottom portion of the site (est($).com.

  • 8/12/2019 The Secrets to High Profit Websites


    Can )o$ see where the circle is- This is where )o$ wo$l+ go to fin+ information abo$t

    (est($).com0saffiliate program. If )o$ were to clic on this lin* )o$ wo$l+ be taen toa sign$p page. On this page )o$ wo$l+ ha,e to enter in general information s$ch as )o$rname* a++ress* telephone n$mber an+ site information. Once this info is s$bmitte+*)o$0ll ha,e to wait a few +a)s to see if )o$r site is appro,e+. In+ee+* this process is thesame for ,irt$all) all t)pes of affiliate programs whether it0s (est($).com0s or anotherwebsite.

    If )o$0re not intereste+ in signing $p for affiliate programs thro$gh an in+i,i+$alcompan)0s website* )o$ can consi+er 7oining an affiliate networ. With an affiliatenetwor* )o$ can appl) for more than one compan) at the same time. ($t first* )o$ m$stget appro,al from the networ itself. &o$ +o this b) offering the same information as

    )o$ wo$l+ if )o$ were appl)ing to an in+i,i+$al affiliate program. This wo$l+ be )o$rname* a++ress* telephone n$mber an+ site information. &o$ ma) also nee+ to fill o$t a#orm !99* +epen+ing on the affiliate networ. Once )o$ get appro,e+* )o$0ll get accessto an acco$nt manager where )o$ can start appl)ing for the affiliate programs of specificcompanies.

    One of the most pop$lar affiliate networs aro$n+ is Commission ;$nction. ll )o$reall) nee+ to get appro,e+ with them is a 21* which* 4as )o$ will learn abo$t later inthis e

  • 8/12/2019 The Secrets to High Profit Websites


    nother wi+el)$ire+ an+ the

    appro,al process is +one instantl). 8owe,er* Clicban is not as e/tensi,e asCommission ;$nction. ll )o$ are able to sell thro$gh them are e

  • 8/12/2019 The Secrets to High Profit Websites


    a+,ertisements from other income streams as )o$ want* pro,i+e+ that )o$r site offersworthwhile content for the ,isitor.

    In terms of the appro,al process for pa)

  • 8/12/2019 The Secrets to High Profit Websites


    Wholesaling is when )o$ b$) in,entor) at a significantl) lowere+ price then sell it tocons$mers. &o$ hol+ all the responsibilit) for pacaging an+ shipping metho+s.Con,ersel)* with +ropshipping )o$ onl) p$rchase in,entor) when )o$ mae a sale from ac$stomer. Once )o$ let the compan) now )o$ nee+ a pro+$ct +eli,ere+* the) will taecare of the shipping an+ pacaging. ropshipping is an e/tremel) con,enient choice for

    an Internet newbie* b$t it ten+s to offer less profit margin than wholesaling. egar+less*before )o$ can wholesale or +ropship with most companies* )o$ will nee+ a b$sinesslicense. The e/ception is* which is a +ropshipper that will wor within+i,i+$als who ha,e not )et gotten a b$siness license or +on0t wish to get one.

    Oa) so )o$ $n+erstan+ what wholesaling an+ +ropshipping are* b$t what are nichepro+$cts*0 an+ wh) +o the) matter so m$ch- Wh) can0t reg$lar0 pro+$cts be sol+thro$gh these means- Well* simpl) +efine+* niche pro+$cts are those that meet the nee+sof a specific maret* which are often neglecte+ b) mainstream b$sinesses. #or e/ample acompan) selling +og br$shes0* 4a reg$lar0 pro+$ct5* wo$l+ be meeting the nee+s of ageneral maret. 8owe,er* a compan) selling a shagg) +og br$sh for sensiti,e sin

    +ogs*0 wo$l+ be meeting a niche maret. The latter compan) wo$l+ act$all) be mores$ccessf$l beca$se there is significantl) less online a+,ertising competition for shagg)+og br$sh for sensiti,e sin +ogs*0 than there is for +og br$shes.0

    So* how +o )o$ fin+ niche pro+$cts to wholesale or +ropship- The best wa) to +o this isto $se e)wor+ anal)Bers. These are programs that tell )o$ all the ,ersions of a e)wor+that has been entere+ into a search engine. @oogle an+ O,ert$re offer free e)wor+anal)Bers* b$t these are not the best to $se. This is beca$se since the) are free* thee)wor+s that are gi,en are more liel) to ha,e alrea+) been $se+. #or this reasonconsi+er $sing a pai+ e)wor+ anal)Ber s$ch as Wor+ Tracer. To $se it simpl) t)pe in apro+$ct that )o$ wo$l+ be intereste+ in selling. The site will ret$rn all of the e)wor+srelate+ to that term. Pic a e)wor+ that gets a lot of searches b$t not a lot of a+,ertisers*4Wor+ Tracer will pro,i+e this information to )o$5. fter selecting this e)wor+* go toa reg$lar search engine. T)pe in the e)wor+ along with the term E+ropshipper*F orEwholesaler*F maing s$re )o$ incl$+e the >$otation mars. 1oo thro$gh these listingsto see if )o$ can fin+ a +ropshipper or wholesaler selling )o$r +esire+ pro+$ct. If )o$ +onot ha,e m$ch l$c +oing this* )o$ can t)pe the term in 6

  • 8/12/2019 The Secrets to High Profit Websites


    )o$r ser,ice to a niche maret. So* 7$st as +escribe+ abo,e* $se a e)wor+ anal)Ber s$chas Wor+ Tracer to +etermine what )o$r niche marets are. Once )o$ ha,e +isco,ere+this niche* )o$ can go on an+ start creating )o$r website aro$n+ it.G. Selling Online +,ertising Space

    Once )o$r website starts recei,ing traffic* )o$ will want to consi+er selling a+,ertisingspace to other webmasters. To +o this )o$ can either mae a separate webpage +e+icate+to a+,ertising or sell banner space on the top* si+es or bottom of )o$r website. Price

  • 8/12/2019 The Secrets to High Profit Websites


    Chapter Two: Creating the Website

    Dow that )o$ ha,e +eci+e+ what income streams )o$0re going to be woring with* )o$0rerea+) to create )o$r website. #or this step there are se,eral options a,ailable to )o$.These options incl$+e: creating the website )o$rself* hiring a web +esigner to +o it orgetting a pre

  • 8/12/2019 The Secrets to High Profit Websites


    control o,er )o$r site* b$t it is not a necessit). If )o$ want to create )o$r website faster*consi+er $sing a wor+ processor or the W&SIW&@* 4What &o$ See is What &o$ @et5*portion of an 8TM1 e+itor.Wor+ Processor

    Most mo+ern

  • 8/12/2019 The Secrets to High Profit Websites


    right in all of the ma7orbrowsers* 4which incl$+e Internet 6/plorer* #irefo/ an+Detscape5. So* if )o$ +o mae a more comple/ site in a wor+ processor* mae s$re )o$open it in each of these browsers as )o$ are woring. &o$ can +o this b) selecting Open#ile in the #ile men$ of each one.

    8TM1 6+itor

    on0t be foole+ b) the term 8TM1 e+itor.0 ltho$gh these programs are +esigne+ tohelp )o$ create or e+it 8TM1* 8TM1 nowle+ge is not necessar) to effecti,el) $se themas long as the) are W&SIW&@* 4What &o$ see Is What &o$ @et5. This means that theirinterface wors lie a wor+ processor* allowing )o$ to o$tp$t webpages that will loo thesame wa) on the Web as the) +o in the e+itor. co$ple ,er) pop$lar W&SIW&@8TM1 e+itors are #rontpage* 4which integrates well with the Microsoft Office s$ite5 orreamwea,er.

    In terms of +ownsi+es* 8TM1 e+itors also create somewhat nastier 8TM1* tho$gh

    $s$all) not as ba+ as wor+ processors. 8owe,er* the) integrate better with browsers an+the) contain more website


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