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  1. 1. Wedding photographers are the people who capture memorable moments for the couple for eternity. Wedding photographers help the couple relive, those cherished moments every time, they take a look at these pictures. Wedding photography in picturesque locations in the island of Ireland, can enhance and enrich the appeal of the photographs.
  2. 2. Wedding photographs , require a fair degree of effort on the part of the photographer as well as the bride and the groom to have an lasting impact. Knowledge of the ceremony will equip the photographer to be vigilant and capture photographs at the appropriate moment in order to leave a lasting impression. Exchanging of vows, Presentation of gifts, offering rings, symbolic items like flower and money and a public proclamation of marriage by an authority are the events in a marriage. This would often be followed, by a Reception . It is essential to cover all these events .
  3. 3. Recent survey on Irish people suggests that 1 out of 4 persons opt out of church marriage. About 18% of them get married in a club house or a manor house, while getting married in hotels still top the list. Ireland is a country where, alongside the western culture, strong indigenous culture exists.
  4. 4. Wedding photographers usually take three types of photos when they have to cover a marriage. Candid photos, where they capture the important happenings without the knowledge of the subject. These photos provide excellent results and score high on emotional quotient , as they are real and not orchestrated. Photo journalistic pictures , which are taken with some amount of interaction and suggestions from the photographer. A combination of the above methods where, events are captured well and arranged in such a manner as to use the composition, lighting and timing to capture the image at its best.
  5. 5. Wedding photographers in Ireland try to capture the beauty of the island nation, when they take outdoor photographs . They are highly imaginative and go to all ends to ensure quality work. They get tips on any quirks in the venue such as, poor lighting, over light and restricted permissions for photography. They are creative with the props, they use. They do not imitate but come in with fresh ideas that suit the couple who are being photographed.
  6. 6. They also ensure that the guests who are eager to take photos do not block their coverage. They are adventurous and have sound knowledge of the locations which would be a feast for the eyes when captured along with the couple and gain appreciation. A wedding photographer has to be fully equipped with lenses, flashes, gel packs, mounts and assistants . The photographer should be well versed with the use of flashlights , so that light comes off from a less direct angle on the subject and eliminates red eyes and shadows.
  7. 7. A photographer who carries multiple camera ,each equipped with different lens will be able to shoot better pictures . The camera with wide angle lens is perfect for closed spaces, while the standard camera is great for candid shots across the room. A wedding photographer understands the importance of little things. A good wedding photographer must have the ability to tactfully take charge and help in arranging guests and assisting in clothing adjustments.
  8. 8. Relax Do not ignore mundane details . If you choose to drink water, when your wedding is being video graphed and photographed, make sure you drink it from a glass tumbler rather than a bottle. Hair style of the bride needs care as loose hair of the bride may hide the face at a certain angle. Wear a natural smile. Early in the morning and dusk are the most suitable time for outdoor photography. Avoid having a long list of photographs to be taken with guests in a short duration of time.
  9. 9. The job of a wedding photographer does not end with the coverage, he has to develop the photographs , which is time consuming. The photographers provide hardcopy proofs which they give to the customers or take back after selection of photographs that are to go for printing , The photographer also makes use of photoshop to correct any photographic errors. The photographers would always prefer to get the shot right, rather than fixing it up with photoshop.
  10. 10. The photos could be CLEAN- Lightly processed to appear natural MATTE- A low-contrast look with muted pastel colours, similar to vintage form. HIGH CONTRAST- A vibrant look with rich colours, that pop.
  11. 11. An Irish wedding photography album would be considered complete, with the following set of photographs. Indoor photos Outdoor photos Posed and candid photos Shots of the wedding couple with their guests at the religious ceremony and the reception that follows and Formal portraiture
  12. 12. Wedding photographer has to hire additional photographers , if one or more events are to happrn at the same time and also if the venue is too large making it impossible for the photographer to move around and cover all the happenings in the hall. Albums are losing its appeal as they are being replaced by digital storage devices, but atleast a few prints of photos are essential memorabilia of ones wedding day. Albums could be matted or contemporary mount type albums.
  13. 13. Editing the photos and arranging them in the order of the happeningson the wedding day, so that , there is a natural flow of events which can be visualised every time, we take a look at the pictures spells the success of a wedding photographer. Wedding photography is invigorating as well as exhausting as it is an one time and one-day affair Proper communication between the couple and the photographer and planning timelines would alleviate many of the stress then.
  14. 14. Narrowing down on the options and booking a photographer of your choice well in advance is a pre requisite for having well mountedalbum . Check out photography/, the best wedding photographer in Cork helps you create beautiful wedding photographs