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Cold Spring Granite Finishes


<ul><li><p>T H E S C I E N C E &amp; A R T O F S TO N EC O L D S P R I N G G R A N I T E F I N I S H E S</p></li><li><p>As an architect, your skills range from a knowledge </p><p>of engineering, materials science and economics </p><p>to the environment, history and human behavior. </p><p>Too much art and your design is impractical, too </p><p>little vision and it risks feeling static and dull.</p><p>Balancing science and art requires a combination </p><p>of practicality and imagination, skill and vision. </p><p>At Cold Spring Granite, were known for working </p><p>with architects and doing whatever it takes to ensure </p><p>that the final impression serves the design. </p><p>In short: if you can design it, we can create it. </p><p>First, choose from our broad palette of stone colors </p><p>and then select from among our suite of standard </p><p>and proprietary finishes. Regardless of what your </p><p>design requiresfrom intricate patterns, ornate </p><p>shapes and lavish detailing to monumental scale, </p><p>historic accuracy and traditional appropriateness </p><p>our blend of handcraftsmanship and automation </p><p>will shape and finish the stone and bring your </p><p>vision to life. </p><p>The architects vision and the stone artisans craft: </p><p>more than science and art, its what we share and </p><p>where our disciplines meet.</p><p>The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Nation </p><p>commissioned Corky Clairmont to design a tribute </p><p>to the men and women who currently serve, have </p><p>served or have lost their lives in service to the </p><p>United States. Located in Pablo, Montana, the war </p><p>memorial would tell their story while honoring tribal </p><p>history and culture.</p><p>Corkys sketches, rife with symbolic imagery, were </p><p>intricate in detail. No line was without meaning and </p><p>each impression on the finished stone required an </p><p>exact rendering or risk misrepresenting the story. </p><p>Corky selected Mesabi Black for its color and texture. </p><p>Working with his drawings, we began a sampling </p><p>process to transfer them onto the stone. By fabricating </p><p>a series of shadowing and colors we were able to </p><p>faithfully render his sketches onto the stone.</p><p>Throughout the fabricating process, Corky set up </p><p>shop at our headquarters. Working hand in glove with </p><p>our graphic designers, production team and project </p><p>managers, the artistwith our artisanscompleted </p><p>the ambitious project in record time.</p><p>D E S I G N I N G A WA R M E M O R I A L N A R R AT I N G A P E O P L E S H I S TO RY </p><p>S C I E N C E &amp; A RT A R C H I T E C T U R E &amp; S TO N E</p><p>Corwin Corky Clairmont</p><p> Celebrated contemporary artist</p><p> Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribal Member</p><p>The integrity, professionalism and friendliness of the people at </p><p>Cold Spring Granite was the perfect combination of highly skilled </p><p>stone artisans who performed their vital tasks with enthusiasm </p><p>and a spirit that came from the heart.</p><p> The memorial consists of 21 Mesabi Black stone panels</p><p> Each panel varies in height, from 3'6" to 10'0"</p><p> Finishes included Polish and Hone</p><p> Graphical elements included hand carving, sculpting, sand- blasting and etching</p></li><li><p>HONEDIAMOND 8 SAWNMACHINE SMOOTH</p><p>PACIFIC DIAMOND 10 TEXTURED BUSH-HAMMER DIAMOND 300</p><p>POLISH VELVET DIAMOND GROUND</p><p>THERMAL DIAMOND 100</p><p>ROCK PITCH ROCKFACESPLITRUB &amp; SAND DIAMOND 200DIAMOND SMOOTH</p></li><li><p>800.328.5040 | W W W . C O L D S P R I N G G R A N I T E . C O M / F I N I S H E S</p><p>Cold Spring Granite offers a full line of graphical elements that not only defines </p><p>your design in stone, but distinguishes it in gorgeous detail. From carving, etching and </p><p>sandblasting to lettering and leafing to inlays of bronze, metal and stone, our master </p><p>artisans work with you to apply a breadth of graphical elementsor create custom </p><p>applicationsto meet the specifics of your design. Together, well fashion works of </p><p>art that will stand the test of time.</p><p>G R A P H I C A L E L E M E N T S</p><p>POLISH</p><p>A highly reflective, smooth finish that magnifies </p><p>the stones natural appearance by illuminating the </p><p>vibrant colors.</p><p>DIAMOND 8</p><p>This hone finish dramatically highlights the stones </p><p>crystal structure while deepening its background hues.</p><p>HONE</p><p>Available only on limestone, this non-reflective, </p><p>smooth finish draws out the stones natural colors </p><p>and variations.</p><p>VELVET</p><p>A relatively smooth surface, this finish exhibits muted </p><p>swirls and deep tones that accentuate its soft textures. </p><p>PACIFIC</p><p>This finish highlights the stones vibrant colors </p><p>and crystals through a smooth surface textured </p><p>in soft waves.</p><p>DIAMOND SMOOTH</p><p>This limestone finish is non-reflective and mutes </p><p>the stones natural traits to create subtle contrasts </p><p>and highlights. </p><p>DIAMOND GROUND</p><p>A coarse surface that is slightly rough to the touch, </p><p>this finish mutes the appearance of the stones natural </p><p>color and grain structures.</p><p>MACHINE SMOOTH</p><p>Accentuated with light swirls, the natural traits of </p><p>the stone are masked by this process to understate </p><p>its customary characteristics.</p><p>SAWN</p><p>The process of sawing leaves slight grooves, swirl </p><p>marks and lines on the stones surface, softening its </p><p>natural traits.</p><p>RUB &amp; SAND</p><p>Semi-smooth and light in appearance, this finish </p><p>creates a subtle contrast between the stones color </p><p>and crystals.</p><p>DIAMOND 10</p><p>This finish richly highlights the stones reflective </p><p>crystals, enhancing and contrasting with the depth </p><p>of the darker colors.</p><p>THERMAL</p><p>Rough to the touch, this finish showcases the stones </p><p>sparkling crystals against a lightened background.</p><p>TEXTURED</p><p>Both rough yet soft to the touch, this finish </p><p>contrasts the vibrant crystals with the stones deep </p><p>background colors.</p><p>DIAMOND 100</p><p>A semi-rough surface, this finish is textured to reveal </p><p>vibrant colors in a deep, rich background.</p><p>DIAMOND 200</p><p>A consistent, coarse-textured surface that exposes the </p><p>natural beauty of the stones crystals on a pronounced </p><p>jagged background.</p><p>BUSH-HAMMER</p><p>Crystals are uniformly fashioned to create a light-on-</p><p>dark stippled effect across this finishs coarse surface.</p><p>DIAMOND 300</p><p>A heavy water pressure treatment reveals the </p><p>radiant crystals within the stones surface through </p><p>a dramatically coarse texture.</p><p>SPLIT</p><p>A natural, jagged cleft-face design permeates this </p><p>finish, with untrimmed edges that create a rugged </p><p>effect throughout.</p><p>ROCK PITCH</p><p>Uniform ends contrast with this finishs dramatically </p><p>rugged, crystal-laden surface.</p><p>ROCKFACE</p><p>A plugged and feathered process achieves the initial </p><p>break, creating a natural cleft and concave surface that </p><p>promotes an abundance of reflective crystals.</p><p>Were on the cutting edge of natural stone finishes. Literally. Because for decades, </p><p>Cold Spring Granite has developed and fine-tuned a variety of standard and </p><p>proprietary finishes. Our comprehensive suite of standard finishesfrom the glossy, </p><p>highly reflective Polish to the rough-hewn textures of our Diamond series to the </p><p>smooth surface that Hone generates on limestoneis where youll discover a </p><p>finish that perfectly conveys the inspiration behind your design.</p><p>S TA N D A R D F I N I S H E S</p></li><li><p>TM</p><p>Cold Spring Granite </p><p>17482 Granite West Road </p><p>Cold Spring, MN 56320-4578</p><p>W W W . C O L D S P R I N G G R A N I T E . C O M / F I N I S H E S</p></li></ul>