The Royal Wedding: Thunder over the Palace

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<p>The Royal Wedding: Thunder over the Palace </p> <p>The ancient symbolism of I Ching Astrology adds majesty and meaning to the Royal Wedding. It is a 3 Thunder Day in this 5000 year old calendar. Prince William is in the 2 Earth Palace, the southwest corner of the astrological matrix, and his Princess-to-be is in the 3 Thunder Palace of Spring.</p> <p>All the 9 Birth Stars in I Ching Astrology will occupy different Houses or Palaces today. And here are my insights regarding the major players in the great ceremony and where there iChi will be on the big day:</p> <p>1 Water Star: Princess-to-be Kate Middleton Her Water Star will be in the active 3 Thunder House or Palace. From the East it represents the spirit of youth and new beginnings. She will definitely be full of the joys of Spring!</p> <p>2 Earth Star: HM the QueenShe will be in the most active creative and most confident of Houses known as 4 Wind. Bravo Maam! </p> <p>3 Thunder Star: There are no significant members of the family with this Star. However it is a 3 Thunder Day, which puts the 3 Thunder Star in the Centre of I Ching Astrologys template of time, the T'ai Chi House within the Magic Square.</p> <p>In Feng Shui the T'ai Chi is where the iChi can gather and disperse in every home or building. Ideally it is kept open and free. The influence of this central space is rather like a lobby and today symbolises free-flowing energy and exciting new beginnings.</p> <p>What I find very touching is that the late Princess Diana was a 3 Thunder Star and doubtless all of us will be thinking of her on William's special day. </p> <p>4 Wind Star: Kate's brother JamesHe is in the position of Father, the 6 Heaven House, replete with authority, focus and clarity. </p> <p>5 T'ai Chi Stars: Princess Anne and the Archbishop of Canterbury Their Stars are in the reflective, joyful house of the West which is drawn from the Lake Trigram in the ancient oracle of the I Ching.</p> <p>6 Heaven Star: Michael Middleton As Father of the Bride, his Star is in the Mountain House, which represents stillness, peace and inner strength, a powerful place for him to draw on solemnity, dignity and paternal pride. </p> <p>7 Lake Stars: Prince Charles, Prince Phillip and Prince HarryAll three Princes are in the lively 9 Fire House on the day. They are likely to be the life and the soul of the party. </p> <p>8 Mountain Stars: Pippa Middleton, Kates younger sister,and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. Both women will be in a very quiet House of Water, which is from the North, the winter and the night. Their iChi will serve as a moderating balance to the lively energy of the three Princes.9 Fire Stars: Prince William and Carole Middleton Both groom and mum-in-law-to-be are occupying the loving and gentle 2 Earth House which is owned by the Mother Trigram in the I Ching. Perfect for Carole and William will personify care and love.</p> <p>It all looks very good provided the three Princes - 7 Lake Stars - all behave on the day!</p> <p> Jon Sandifer</p>