The royal wedding 2011

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A splendiferous occasion. History was made today. The beautiful Kate Middleton got her prince. What star was she born under? Was there a light on her face that predicted this starring role she would get in this life or is this just chance.


  • 1. The Royal Wedding
    The Bliss of being in love

2. Maikos song Under my spell
3. Mother knows best
4. Ill never let you go
5. With this ring I thee wed
6. Whats so funny Kate
7. The wedding dress
8. Prepare to kiss
9. The kiss
10. Kate is given a helping hand
11. Dukely wave
12. 13. Something old
14. 15. Who said theBrits were not excited?
16. British pomp
17. The elders look amazed
18. British guards
19. So long thank you
20. To Buckingham Palace