the role of the mind and the heart in meditation

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The Role of the Mind and the Heart in Meditation

The Role of the Mind and the Heart in Meditation By Sri Chinmoy

IntroductionMany people conceive of meditation as a practice of the mind, but spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy encouraged us to meditate in the spiritual heart. Meditation involves going beyond the mind. Ultimately, the mind has not given us what we need most. People who meditate in their minds often grow tired after only 10 minutes, and only a few seconds of that time will consist of descent meditation. As a result, individuals may experience some satisfaction initially, but as that feeling fades, they will begin to experience a desert-like barrenness.

MeditationThe spiritual heart is where the soul resides. While the consciousness of the soul permeates the entire body, the soul resides in the spiritual heart, which is located in the center of the chest, however it is distinct from the biological organ. Illumination comes from the soul, and lasting satisfaction is achieved by focusing on the spiritual heart, which unlocks this radiance. Meditators look to their spiritual heart, and by focusing their attention on it, they also enter it, leaving the realm of the mind and entering into a higher consciousness.


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