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The Rig Runner Gazette Newsletter of the Hi-Desert Rig Runners, a WIT Chapter



February, 2015

Chapters 25th WIT Birthday!

Tryna Morton, Pr id nt B b rge id nt

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Death Valley, CA

February 17-20

By Greg Bechner Wagon Masters Larry and Shirley Zollinger and

Tommy, co-wagon masters Greg and Karla Bechner,

arrived on Monday February 16 to ensure the

scheduled coaches coming in the next day had their

sites open for their arrival on Tuesday. The Wagon

Masters welcomed a parade of seven coaches to the

Furnace Creek Campground in Death Valley National

Park California on Tuesday February 17 the site of

the outing.

Joining the wagon masters at the outing were Greg

and Nancy Walczynski (with their brand new coach),

Darrell and Barbara Gury, Bob and Paula Gorges,

Augie and Judi Sansone, Orin and Clare Gilbertson,

Al and Tryna Morton, Lorraine Brockway, and guests

from British Columbia Canada, Kay and Dale

Warcup who arrived late Tuesday afternoon.

After settling in the group the wagon masters

provided a feast of beef or chicken tacos with all the

fixing, rice and beans for dinning. Wagon Master

Larry provided an outdoor movie of Last Vegas for

the enjoyment of all. As we sat outside watching the

movie you could look up at the night skies and see

the rest of the park. Death Valley is designated as an

International Dark Sky Park with the clear, limpid

atmosphere bringing the stars so close you feel you

could reach up and pull them down.

Wednesday morning it was open house in Greg and

Nancy Walczynskis brand new Winnebago coach.

Refreshments were provided during the visit, then it

was off on a caravan to Titus Canyon Narrows.

Dinner was leftovers of beef or chicken tacos with all

the fixing, rice and beans, again we still had

leftovers!! Around the campfire provided by Al

Morton and our club president Tryna Morton served

root beer floats to the enjoyment of everyone.

Arranged by Wagon Masters Larry and Shirley

Zollinger and Tommy was an informational talk by

an employee of the park highlighting certain aspects

and recommended points of interest.

The Thursday breakfast meal consisted of a culinary

delight of pot luck at the Bechners RV with

everyone bringing their favorite dish. Chapter club

meeting followed shortly after breakfast then a small

group traveled to Bad Water Basin the lowest

elevation in North America at 282 feet below sea

level. The group walked out on crusted salt crystals

and dug down to find brackish water at approximately

4 below the surface. It was short drive then to

Artists Drive a scenic loop through multi-hued

volcanic and sedimentary hills. Stopping at a view

and hiking point while descending a 20% hill Bob

Gorges slipped and cut his arm and had to be treated

and bandaged by Augie Sansone at his triage station the rear of his Jeep. Evening dinner was hamburgers

and hot dogs provided by Augie Sansone with the

group bringing side dishes. Root beer floats,

celebrating our Chapter 25th Birthday, and a campfire

provided by Al Morton with campfire stories

finishing the evening.

Friday February 20 the Wagon Masters provided a

get a way Breakfast in front of the Bechners coach

with everyone saying their goodbyes until we see

each other next month.

Thanks for attending our camp-out.

Off-Roading To & Through Titus Canyon

Wednesday, February 18

By Greg Walczynski

Several members with AWD/FWD vehicles loaded

the cars and drove on Off Road track up to and

through Titus Canyon. We climbed what seemed like

several thousand feet of elevation during the first half

of the 30 mile Off Road journey; with stops for scenic

viewing and lunch on the go. The travel up to the

actual canyon was very scenic with superb views of

the many colorful and unique rock formations ringing

Death Valley. Once we reached the summit and

started our downhill journey, we stopped at

Leadfield, an old supposedly mineral rich mining

town that existed for about seven months. When the

mines proved not to be yielding any gold or valued

minerals, the town was deserted and became the

ghost town it is today with remnants of mine shafts,

debris from buildings and a rusted auto hulk. Our

journey west down the narrow ancient riverbed of the

canyon was quite a journey of viewing erosion of

rock walls and the twisting and turning of the canyon

carved by ancient water flow; displaying unique

erosion patterns in solid rock. To see a portion of

travel down the canyon, click on:

Prepared and noted below by President Tryna

Morton. The Titus Canyon trip yielded a wonderful

scenic ride.

Climbing to the Summit of Mountains & the Top

of Titus Canyon

Mine shaft & Buildings at Leadfield

Entering Titus Canyon

Taking a break at Summit before descending Titus


A mid-1920s rusted hulk of a car at Leadfield

Question to Ponder: Was this a scam or miss-

judgment regarding wealth to be had from the


Hi-Desert Rig Runners, a WIT Chapter

Meeting Minutes

Thursday, February 19, 2015

BLM, Quartzsite

Call to Order: Tryna Morton, President, called

the meeting to order at 10:00 A.M.

Pledge of Alliance: Bob Gorges led the


Officer Role Call: President, Tryna Morton,

Vice-President, Robert Gorges, Secretary, Nancy

Walczynski, Treasurer, Barbara Gury

Guests: Kay & Dale Warcup, Fraser Valley

Explorers, B.C., Canada.

Presidents Report: Committee Announcements: Lorraine Brockway

continues as Sunshine Correspondent. Greg

Walczynski, Gazette Editor. Bob Gorges & Orin

Gilbertson By Laws Revisions. Augie Sansone &

Greg Walczynski, Outing Location Procurement.

Vice-Presidents Report: Bob Gorges thanked

the Wagon Masters Larry & Shirley Zollinger and

Greg & Karla Bechner. Bob asked how many

going to Silverview RV Park, Bull Head City,

March 17-21: 11 Rigs. Bob will send out the

schedule to members March 1st. Bob sent out 10

Invitation Letters to new Winnebago Owners; no

response to date. Greg asked if a list of new

owners could be shared with members who might

then follow up with those they may know or live

near them. President will send list to all members.

Secretary Report: Lorraine sent a sympathy card

to Greg and Nancy, Thank You. Motion

made/seconded/approved by members to accept

minutes as published in Gazette.

Correspondence: We received a congratulations

letter and patch from WIT acknowledging our 25th

WIT Birthday; from Denise Yeager, Consumer

Engagement Manager, WIT. Also, worked with

Brynn Daniels, Marketing Specialist, WIT to have

the acknowledgement re-mailed as never received

the one shared with past President. We celebrated

the previous evening with Root Beer Floats.

Lorraine will sew patch to Chapter Flag. Orin

will add to history files.

Treasurers Report: Barbara Gury gave a

detailed report. Copies to Officers. Motion

made/seconded to file report for audit. Barbara

prefers check rather than cash for Outing Fees.

Sunshine Report: Lorraine sent sympathy card

to Greg & Nancy. Lorraine mentioned she is

searching for 2nd opinion regarding knee


Old Business: Greg & Augie issued the 2016

outing schedule dated 2/13/2015. The schedule as

issued, with some minor wording changes, will be

updated and sent to all indicating the key RV Park

contacts and Wagon Master assignments. Wagon

Masters were again advised they are the key

contact with RV Park Management for all RV site

communications. RV Park Contracts are/will be

provided to the Treasurer for deposit payment and

return to RV Park. Treasurer will maintain a copy

of correspondence/deposits/contracts. Tyrna

thanked Augie and Greg for all the work done on

selecting sites for 2016. Root Beer Floats in

honor of 25th Chapter Birthday are on again

after dinner at the fire tonight.

New Business: President requested By Laws



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